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2012-11-02 Rio Bust!
2012-10-28 The Debut of Virtuosos
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Rio Bust
IRC: #RDM.q2
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Rio Bust!2012-11-02 14:50 | Welkin

Boom shakalaka!

That's right! Bio Rust (koldduel1) has been selected for this first Virtuosos tournament!

We start tomorrow, Saturday, at 14.00 CET. All players must be in #RDM.q2 on Quakenet at this time.

The competition will hold a group phase and a playoffs (single or double elimination depending on number of participants).

Group phase: Timelimit 10. Best of 3 maps.
Playoffs: Timelimit 15. Best of 3 maps.
Grand Final: Timelimit 15. Best of 5 maps.

All other rules, terms, settings, etc, follow the EDL rule sheet.

My guess is that there will be ~4 groups with ~4 players in each, meaning ~3 group stage games per player. Then 2 players per group will advance to playoffs. Just to give you an idea.


2012/11/03 [14:19:44] * Welkin sets mode: +m
2012/11/03 [14:19:49] <@Welkin> ill just make this a little quieter now
2012/11/03 [14:19:54] * Welkin sets mode: +o IsBjorn
2012/11/03 [14:20:03] <@Welkin> i will write down the names of pieces of paper
2012/11/03 [14:20:09] <@Welkin> and just randomly do the groups
2012/11/03 [14:20:48] <@Welkin> we have 3 groups, but 4 players will advance to playoffs
2012/11/03 [14:21:04] <@Welkin> the 4th player will be whoever gets the best net out of the #2's
2012/11/03 [14:22:16] <@Welkin> *working working*
2012/11/03 [14:23:36] <@Welkin> ok
2012/11/03 [14:23:50] <@Welkin> zolton -> 1
2012/11/03 [14:23:57] <@Welkin> welkin -> 2
2012/11/03 [14:24:06] <@Welkin> reverence -> 3
2012/11/03 [14:24:15] <@Welkin> stasiek -> 1
2012/11/03 [14:24:23] <@Welkin> isb -> 2
2012/11/03 [14:24:32] <@Welkin> quad -> 3
2012/11/03 [14:24:38] <@Welkin> revo -> 1
2012/11/03 [14:24:46] <@Welkin> numa -> 2
2012/11/03 [14:24:53] <@Welkin> salad -> 3
2012/11/03 [14:25:00] <@Welkin> done
2012/11/03 [14:25:09] <@Welkin> i will add the groups on the website in a second
2012/11/03 [14:25:11] <@Welkin> start playing!
2012/11/03 [14:25:14] * Welkin sets mode: -m
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The Debut of Virtuosos2012-10-28 11:45 | Welkin
You may have spotted the link to this page in the q2scene menu for some time now, wondering what the hell this is all about.. Let me tell you! Virtuosos will be where upcoming one-map tournaments are hosted, and now is the time for its debut!

The first tournament will take place on Saturday, November 3, which means it will be a one-day tournament. It will begin at 14.00 CET, and #RDM.q2 on Quakenet is the place to be.

You sign up by going to the "sign ups" page in the menu to the left, and then click "sign up". (You have to be logged in for that.)

Only players who actually show up in #RDM.q2 on Saturday at 14.00 CET will be added to the tournament!

What map to play will be chosen through a vote. This is located to the right on this page. The vote is up until Nov 1, 24.00 CET.

All other terms, settings, layout, etc, will be announced on Friday, along with the map.
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