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2020-11-10 Start Playing!
2020-10-31 Season 19 Groups
2020-10-04 Season 19 Open
2019-12-20 Playoffs have started!
2019-10-21 Groups Set - Schedule ...
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2019-09-26 Emails/Passwords
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Start Playing!2020-11-10 13:08 | claire
I moved dolarp to div2 which was way too big, so I had to split into 2a and 2b. Then all the matches had to be deleted and recreated. Unfortunately there is no automated process that can accomplish this, so it had to be done by hand. Meaning, if anything isn't right by now, too fucking bad it's staying that way.

So the schedule is set (complete with round date descriptions), start playing your matches!

You should familiarize yourself with the rules, you'll be expected to follow them: The Rules

General overview of how this all works (for newbs and oblivious veterans):
1 - Click on schedule and find your next match
2 - Click the "---" in the date column to get to the match page
3 - Post a comment with your availability. It is expected that you schedule your matches in the comments. If you schedule via some other method (discord, email, ICQ, whatever) paste the chat in the comments of the match. Admins can only see the comments, so we use that to decide on walkovers. No comments means you get no points if there is a walkover.
4 - Actually show up on time and play your match
5 - Start recording demos of each game before the start of the match. All Packetflinger servers force you to record, but other servers do not.
6 - Take a screenshot of every result during the intermission at the end of the match.
7 - BOTH PLAYERS ARE EXPECTED TO REPORT MATCHES to quake2edl@gmail.com with screenshots and a brief summary of who picked what or any other notable facts about the match.
8 - You'll receive an email with a URL to upload your demos after the match has been recorded.

You're more than welcome to play matches out of order or get them all played in a single weekend.

Group stage should last until just before Christmas. I would expect playoffs to start in early January.

Let us know if you have any questions

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Season 19 Groups2020-10-31 15:23 | claire
Happy Halloween! (not sure if this is an american-only thing or not)

Sorry I've been a little busy lately and haven't gotten this started yet. Initial groups are now up. I have 1 new player who contacted me via Discord about joining, so there might be an addition, but we'll see I haven't heard back from him yet.

Feel free to let me know if people should move around. I did take into consideration people wanting to be in high/lower divisions. I also tried to group people who are likely to flake out and disappear in the same group so only a single group per division might get ruined rather than both.

I added St1gmata at his request in the comments of the previous post and I removed Blaizz at his request due to time/IRL constraints.

Let's give this a couple days and then get started.

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Season 19 Open2020-10-04 09:43 | claire
It is my great honor and privilege to announce the opening of the 19th annual European Duel League!

First of all, I'd like to apologize for being so late with this. Life has been a little more busy than usual this year. For those of you who don't know, I work in IT for education and this school year has been like nothing I've ever seen as far as preparing for remote and hybrid learning and all the other craziness.

I know many of you have contacted me on Discord and email about wanting to join but having problems with your passwords or new accounts on q2scene. I'm hoping to get to all of those today.

Signups for EDL19 have been open for about 3 weeks now, and since I'm late with the official announcement, I think we'll keep them open until October 18. That'll give us a week to put groups up and get started on October 25. Last year we ended around March, which was a little later than I wanted, but I think that was my fault for letting things drag on (honestly I can't remember, it's all a blur).

My initial thought is to keep the map list the same as it was last year. Or at most swapping the one least-played map (ztn2dm3) for something else. Feel free to let us know in the comments what you think about this. There is no official vote or anything, but if a lot of players want a change we can do that.

If you're already signed up, thank you for participating in what I hope will be a good season. If not, I hope you consider joining and having some fun. If you are new to the scene you can sign up by clicking on the "Sign ups" link the navigation on the top left and then clicking the "sign up" button at the top of the list.
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Playoffs have started!2019-12-20 10:39 | claire
It's time for playoffs!

Groups and initial matches have been created. The deadline for your first playoff match is January 5. This extended deadline is to accommodate the holiday season where people are travelling and all that stuff.

Playoffs will be double-elimination, meaning if you lose once, you drop down to the loser's bracket. If you lose a match in that bracket, you're out. Generally speaking, the top 4 players from each group progressed. According to rule 2.C.iii.2., higher players from group A are matched with lower players from group B. The player with the higher frag count gets the home-team position as per rule 2.C.iv.1. Playoff matches are best of 5.

Now for the players: Division 3 was easy, simply taking the top 4 from each group.

Division 2 had a player from each group kicked out for inactivity. Division 2 didn't have enough players however, so two of the initial playoff matches for division 2 included the kicked players, but were automatic wins for the active player.

Division 1 is a little messier however. In division 1b, most obvious is the lack of PURRI. He informed ceba that he will be on an extended holiday throughout all of January. While it kills me to exclude a good player, I've seen too many EDL seasons drag on, fizzle and eventually die while waiting for players. We just can't put everything on hold for more than a month with the hopes that PURRI returns and plays his matches. Then fasadin contacted me saying he wasn't interested in playing in this season anymore. So 1b then includes 4bidden, aid, k1ra and GGG. Division 1a was more straightforward, but still had a point overlap between wst2 and Myrmidon^. The outcome of their match decided it as per rule 2.B.ix.1 and wst2 progresses.

Please start scheduling and playing your matches. Just because the deadline is a couple weeks away doesn't mean you have to wait until that Sunday.

Good luck!

Edit #1:
I missed that bo7asky and keizer also had the same number of points, and since bo7asky won their match that puts him in second place in 1a. That so I had to switch their matches. I also swapped match 2 and 3 in all three trees to prevent top players (point-wise) from playing each other too early.
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Groups Set - Schedule Posted 2019-10-21 08:47 | claire
The groups have been finalized and the schedule has been posted, please start scheduling and playing matches as soon as possible!

I'll be sticking tight to the schedule to make sure we don't stall too much.

Things to remember:
- You can make up unplayed matches as long as we're still in group stage
- SCHEDULE USING COMMENTS ON YOUR MATCH PAGE!!!!!!!!!!!! The only info I have to judge who should get a walkover when matches aren't played on time is the comments. If you're trying to schedule via discord, post a comment on the match page also. If there are no comments it'll be a double w/o even if you're actively trying to schedule via discord. Click the 3 "---" link in the date column in the schedule to see your match page.
- You can always play your matches ahead of the schedule. If you can find all your opponents today, you can play all your matches today if you like.
- You should've read the rules by now. If not, go take a peek at them: Season 18 Rules

Let's try to have fun and keep the shittalking to a minimum. We're probably all in our 30s (or more) now, not our teens, try to act like it.

Div1 is larger than I'd like, but it is what it is, so I'm hoping to start playoffs in early December. Unfortunately div2 might have to wait around for a bit because of their size. But, if all matches finish early we can start playoffs that much earlier. (I won't hold my breath on that one).

Good luck and have fun!

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