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The 2011 Regeneration Manifesto: Part 3, Structure the Season
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The 2011 Regeneration Manifesto: Part 2, The Situation
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Interviews: Interview with opt1Mus

<veedoff> First of all introduce urself

<opt1Mus> My name is Grogoriy, I am 21 years old, studying at the university for attorney career, i'm going into sports (KUDO, some sort of karate), my hobby is Quake 2.

<veedoff> Ok, what is your main goal this season?

<opt1Mus> The higher place to take is better, but I want to perform nice and solid game in general, I will try to play with PURRI solidly.

<veedoff> What do you think about that 'say_team thing' with turricane? I mean do you think admins made right decision or wrong...?

<opt1Mus> In my option replaying match was useless, as any top player understands it can't make any influence on the result. I always use my own timers which I trust more. It is all obivious in demos, but the admins took such stupid decision without wanting to cancel it. I didn't want to replay the match for a long time, but comminuty has changed my mind.

<veedoff> What are your predictions for your game vs purri?

<opt1Mus> I can't ever imagine, I have never played against him, even not a single friendly game. This match will be very interesting for me. I want to see how Purri plays z3, I have never seen him playing on this map.

<veedoff> Tell me, why you do not play in eq2l or ndml? You don't like tp or what?

<opt1Mus> I like tp, but don't know how to play it, I can't think for the rest of the team. I got used to rely only on myself.

<veedoff> Ok, any shoutouts?

<opt1Mus> GL anf HF in next game

<veedoff> Ok, thanks for the Interview

<opt1Mus> Thx u 2

2012-01-14 11:13 
Nice comments. emo

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