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The 2011 Regeneration Manifesto: Part 3, Structure the Season
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The 2011 Regeneration Manifesto: Part 2, The Situation
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Interviews: Interview with n00k!e

<veed> Hi n00k1e. Could you introduce yourself. How old are you, where do you live...

<n00k1e> Hi, my name is Łukasz, I'm 23 years old, and currently I live in UK.

<veed> Tell me, when and how did your adventure with Quake 2 began?

<n00k1e> When I was in primary school, my friend took me to an internet café, and that was the first time I saw Quake 2. At the beginning, I was playing tdm and ctf. After couple years I have my own computer at home so I don't have to spend my money on internet cafes. I was living in Bialystok then, and we had quite big 'local area network' and many people were playing Quake 2 at that time. Some day my friend started jumpmod server. I tried it, I liked it and I play it till today.

<veed> What do you think about using r1q2 instead of nocheat? Is it easier now? What do you think about it?

<n00k1e> I didn't like it at the beginning, because jumpmod is much easier now, but after a while I get used to it and to that now people can complete much harder maps.

<veed> What about your 'career' in tdm? What clans have you been in?

<n00k1e> In tdm I wasn't as good as in jumpmod. I was a member of polish clan LoT (Pozdro Cegla), but I prefered to be a 'freelancer'.

<veed> Who do you think is the best jumper ever? Name three :)

<n00k1e> You can't say whos the best.

<n00k1e> People are playing, some are leaving and some are returning...

<veed> Are there any things you would remove or add to jumpmod?

<n00k1e> No, current version of jumpmod is very good.

<veed> Coming back to question about the best jumper. Many people says that you're the best jumper. Are you agree with them?

<n00k1e> It's hard to judge myself, but if people says that I'm very happy about that.

<veed> I know the answer but tell me, what's your favourite map?

<n00k1e> It won't be any surprise if I say its PS3.

<veed> How is your life in UK? Is it better then it was in Poland?

<n00k1e> I miss my friends and some places in Poland which I liked a lot.

<veed> Ok, I think that's it. Any shoutouts?

<n00k1e> Best regards to all quakers, especially from jumpmod. Cya.

<veed> Thanks for the interview.

<n00k1e> Thanks.

2009-03-31 08:53 
ehe ;p
2009-01-18 05:45 
2009-01-17 05:34 
well done... keep it up! from what i remember tide, doc and wootwoot used to be very good in jumpmod too
2009-01-15 14:29 
I can upload this iview in polish if someone is interested...
2009-01-14 19:46 
a decent interview emo
2009-01-14 02:59 
my best maps, apo21, arie46 emo emo
2009-01-14 01:19 
woho =)

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