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The 2011 Regeneration Manifesto: Part 2, The Situation
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Mods: New Q2dm mod!

Through last few months a group of polish q2 players with really talented programmer Harven as a leader have worked hardly over a new q2mod called
TDM. Mod is based on q2 engine and physics which means that it's addition to the game. Mainly goal of Harven's team is to kick out old mods : battleground and tourney. Everything was written from beginning to the end on a clean q2 code.
Here are the features of TDM :

- division on 2 teams,
- division on warmup/pregame/countdown/match,
- commands connected with team management : pickplayer/pick, kickplayer/kickp, lockteam/lock, unlockteam/unlock,
- forcing respawn after 5s,
- new voting way - voting results and mode visible all the time on center of the screen, so everybody can see it
- possibility to vote with vote yes/vote no, yes/no commands,
- vote map map_name (reading from server's maps.lst) ,
- vote bfg 1/0,
- vote timelimit/tl,
- vote powerups 1/0 (pent i quad on, off),
- vote kickuser user_id, it permits to kick a player from server with voting,
- hud command - it permits turn on or off hud in game, hud is derived from q3promode, we can see all the time which weapons and how much ammo we have, when you type "hud" once it activates,twice turns off flashing icons, three times - hud turns off,
-id command - it permits to identify ONLY your teammates while aiming at them. id format looks like that : name, %h/%a screen from game
- status get shorted, if you have 100 health and 50 units of combat armor, it looks so : 100 50,after typing %h and %a or 100 healt 50 units of combat armor, after typing %H and %A. Weapons : %W Railgun, %w RG,
- quader and invulner have their separated places at hud
- time command permits to stop the game for 60 seconds,
- observers in game time can only speak to each other, obsmode wishper,
- if the player isn't moving for 2 minutes, he will be thrown out to spec
- very complex accuracy/stats - it shows effectiveness for all guns + number of taken items, for example:
body armor - 7
quad damage - 13
megahelath - 2
- sets = matchinfo from tourney,
- very complex scorebar : frags, net, ping, avgp (average ping)
- hand 3 - everything are shooted directly from screen center, it will help to avoid inaccurate rockets problem and blowing yourself up :)
- possibility to spec players
- scores are visible in right-low screen corner and it have format (your frags)team frags : enemy's frags, for example, score 130:88, with 38 of your frags: (38)130:88
- adminning - Harven's team is working over a very complex admin mode, at the moment it have only basic functions : kick, ban, timelimit change, bfg etc. Logging the same as in battleground

Mod is being created, improved all the time, mistakes are being found and corrected. You can test it on this server : thanks to Yossarian's kindness :) .

TDM main site : - under construction

Harven's team are :

Harven - main programmer,
0N1 - idea, beta tester,
As_Best - webmaster, beta tester, project developer,
Masiv - engine programmer,
Claymore - site programmer,

That was first news about TDM that appeared on polish service, but Harven's team have already created version 0.2 of TDM. It contains few new features :
-appearing messages about time left to the end of match,
-countdown when it's 10 seconds to the end of match,
-automatic displayed accuracy/stats at the end of match,
-corrected scoreboard : players are queued by frags and net.
-after the match is over, winner's team name is appearing instead of time counter

I've asked top polish q2dm player Assasin and one of TDM makers As_Best what they think about new TDM mod.
I must add that Assasin tested it especially for us :).

Assasin :
That what is at the bottom of the screen (he meant weapon,health etc. icons) should be interchangeable with hud or maybe there should be possibility to place hud where you want to just like in q3. Map change should be improved. Overall everything seems ok in this mod.

As_Best :
From player's point of view it shouldn't be different from other mods, maybe exept hud and id. Players that are used to play on battleground shouldn't have any problems with transfer to TDM. Most of player commands are identical. The differences intentionally are only in admin panel.

mad max
2006-05-09 16:46 
yo, kris.... it's a joke?? u cant imagine how many people play in q2
2005-11-15 13:29 
2005-11-11 17:38 
czy ktoś grywa jeszcze w QUAKE 2??
2005-01-18 03:15 
My english is poor 2, i'll improve it like raV
2004-09-02 11:26 
2004-07-21 18:42 
Great mod!Very straight-forward and clean.How about some offline bots to go with.
2004-05-17 22:09 
pak hud.jpg is cool sendme!!!! plisssss
2004-05-10 15:32 
hm....very very interest mod, but i think, physics and change weapons must be engl is 2 poor..;/
2004-03-28 05:50 
what about hook, runes and other voteable features etc .etc. from Tourney?
2004-02-06 05:13 
Hm very good but when you have small resolution like 320 x 240 its hard to saw scores But im playing in 640 x 480 It was only example
2004-01-12 16:18 
yes, it's a problem for me :{ i'm used to activate id :|
2004-01-12 14:10 
hmm, sounds perfect except id only works on teammates, it should at least display the name of enemy too
2004-01-11 16:12 
Dont bother.. it is great!
2004-01-07 09:21 
but i think it would be better, if the teams shown in cmd_help would be in 2 rows.
not like
teamB well u got the idea... pretty nice still
and it would be nice if when a match timed, tdm would show "$name called a time-out for team $team"
2004-01-06 18:19 
sorry for poor english, but i'll do my best to improve it

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