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avatarRegeneration Manifesto: Pt 3, 14.9.2011 © Welkin

The 2011 Regeneration Manifesto: Part 3, Structure the Season
avatarRegeneration Manifesto: Pt 2, 8.9.2011 © Welkin

The 2011 Regeneration Manifesto: Part 2, The Situation
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Saturday the 14th Duel Tour2012-01-13 07:30 | Welkin

We're happy to announce that another one-day duel tournament will take place this Saturday, January 14th!

Short notice as always, but also just as much fun as always! Plus unusual maps!

The competition will begin quite early in the afternoon. Exact time will be announced on the website, along with the map pool, tournament layout and rules, during Friday (today).

Sign ups are now open on!

Welcome to the bloodbath!
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The Edge Duel League #32012-01-12 04:13 | Welkin

The sign ups phase for the 3rd season of The Edge Duel League is now launched!

Sign ups deadline: January 29, 24.00 CET


Happy upper RL camping! :)
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That Way Draft Tournament(TDM)2012-01-09 06:32 | Welkin
Hi, we would like to present you the first event from Q2TW TOUR - Quake 2 TDM 4on4 THAT WAY DRAFT TOURNAMENT.

It will be played on a brand new map made by Shao (the same guy who created q2ht - HammerTime) with a Draft mode. We highly encourage you to try the new map with us for the first time officially!

What is more i believe the maker of this piece will appreciate any kind of opinions and hints about the geommetry of the map, gameflow and balance.

Quick Facts:

Irc Channel: #q2tw.tour @
Day: Wednesday 11/01/2012
Tournament starts: 20:30 CET
Registration ends: 19:30 CET
Check-in: 19:30 - 20:00 CET
Captains and players picking: 20:00 - 20:20 CET
Time for players/teams: 20:20 - 20:30 CET
Map pool: q2tw
Tournament system: It depends of how many players, and teams we can collect

You can register by whispering norman", [H]neon or Shao at #q2tw.tour or at

Map Download (map+locs):



I got 2 very good news for you today which are mostly connected with the upcoming Quake 2 That Way 4on4 TDM Tournament. The first one is that the openTDM – #1 & #2 are back (Ip below)! Big thanks to island55 for putting them up just in time before the Q2 TW Tournament. This favor allow us to have fun in really good conditions – I hope many people will be as happy as I am.

DigitalFrag Servers thanks to island55 opentdm Poland #1
and opentdm Poland #2

Second thing is that TastyCast agreed to make this event even more spectacular! Thanks to Jehar and TC Crew we’ll be able to watch the games with a professional coverage. Most of you must be familiar with them so i don’t need to recommend it much more. They are just div 1 of Quake 2 live streaming.

You just can’t miss it. See ya.

Written by norman
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Trzech Kroli 20122012-01-05 17:46 | Welkin
After last week's success(!) with the one day tournament Boxing Day 2011, I've decided to throw another little shindig tomorrow!

Trzech Kroli begins tomorrow, Friday, at 20.00 CET. Map pool, rules & layout now announced! Check out:
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New remake of Blood Run2012-01-03 12:16 | Welkin
Message from sofiene:

The very old-school QuakeWorld map Bloodrun AKA ztndm3 was made by the best Quake mapper ever : ZTN !
the map was ported to Quake 3 then to Quake LIVE,and finally,it has been ported to the best game ever : Quake 2 !

themuffinman realised a Q2 version made from scratch,the map is almost similar to the QL one (no stairs to RL or to HB).

Screenshots ::

the Red Armor area with the Grenade-Luncher : Here

Railgun : Here

Quad and HB room with a Yellow Armor : Here

Mega-Health : Here

There is some remake of that map in Q2 but this seems to be the best one,it was made FOR Q2,means,it is very suitable to the Q2 physics and models,the map is fun for duels and some FFA,also it is kinda balanced for 2 vs 2 games.

Download :: Here
(The map will be available on all the DigitalFrags servers as soon as possible)

Original post : Tastyspleen

This news was made by the Tunisian Warrior sofiene.
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Jump Tournament #82011-12-01 11:53 | Welkin
Message from Apkis:

Quake 2 Jump tournament strikes again! We are proud to announce that 8th Jump competition is ready to go.
Sign-ups are open and will be closed on 15th of January. You have a pretty much time to sign, to prepare, to tell
your friend about it and make him prepare too!
A new layout with 2 divisions might be presented. Don't forget about the prizes too! Rewards for all the best
Don't miss a chance, be a part of this great mod and a part of tournament!

Sign up here

Jump Crew
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PLQ2 #132011-09-25 15:05 | SEBbull
A lot has happened in the past months in our small land of Quake 2 - newash coming up with the UNICTF and TESLA, Shao building up a brand new TDM map, norman and neon helping him out with a one-off tournament, Welkin coming back in the Quake 2 picture with the Dredge project, reviving gibblordag, taking over most of the admining duties for the upcoming season and finally writing up his Regeneration Manifesto. All the effort to put some life into the game, to revive the old fun we all used to share.

As it turned out, the Manifesto has really caught up- the European leagues have all agreed to be bound by it. And so, there have been news all over the place supporting the idea. However, the European admins were not the only ones thinking about reinventing the game's season- the Polish admin crew is proud to introduce the refreshed 13th installment of the Polish Quake 2 League PLQ2!

Although not following the Manifesto's vision word-by-word, the all-(admin)-star crew of Danka, Darus, Hamster, Pio, Urbasek and Stasiek sure do mean well for the game so it is reflected in their picture of the upcoming season of PLQ2:

:: NoFake enforced - the (in)famous Polish idea of keeping track of all the fakes; all the players willing to play the game have to have the NoFake account,
:: GTV - GTV readily available for the most important games, as it no longer collides with the NoFake component,
:: New mappool - the Poles have ffinally decided to incorporate q2next1 into the league; while at it, they picked up q2ht as well - expect some games on new grounds,
:: Smaller tournaments - to accompany the main event, the admin crew is going to host a number of smaller tournaments or games,
:: Prizes - that's right, the crew has organised a way to fund the league with some nice prizes, which are to be given out for the best clans, and possibly for the winners of the smaller event, or the players of the month,
:: and much, much more which is yet to be revealed in the upcoming days.

It it worth noting, as some of you might not know, since the last few seasons, PLQ2 is open for the foreigners - meaning anyone of you can join in and play in one of the most prestigious TDM Quake 2 league there is. However, what you must look out for is - you have to have NoFake account. Plus, there's a restriction on number of foreigners in a single clan (up to 2 foreigners in a clan; only 1 can play on a single map). If that doesn't scare you off, but you don't have a NoFake account, go to #NoFake (@ qnet) and/or ask Darus to fix you an account. Please do note that Darus is also willing to help you out in finding a clan to play in, either directly or by posting on a Polish Quake 2 forums. So if you're determined to play in the league, yet you can't find a proper clan - he's the man to go to.

It sure sounds nice, but when does it start? The signups have been opened for almost a week (12 clans signed up so far) and close on the 30th September. Then, the league will start off with an UNICTF opening game of clanleadears facing the admin crew, followed up by a bot-generated drawing of the maps for each round. Meaning, the league is most likely to start on October, the 1st. Don't miss it.

If you want to know more, please visit the league's IRC channel at #PLQ2 (@ qnet), visit their website here, or ask your Polish friends.

Polska Liga Quake 2 - PLQ2 #13:
:: Admins: Danka, Darus, Hamster, Pio, Urbasek and Stasiek
:: Singups: 18th - 30th September
:: Website: (note the new layout)
:: IRC: #plq2 (at qnet)

Friendly reminder:
If you are running a league, writing a new mod or just have any other random information, you'd like to share with the community, feel free to contact the scene crew (checking their activity beforehand; hint: last login), preferably with already written post. Just so the site doesn't lag behind and is actually the news aggregator for the scene. Or maybe you want to write for the scene website yourself? If so, contact Kolt and convience him you are good enough!
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HELP / POMOC2011-09-14 19:46 | Welkin
Besides mentioning that the 3rd part of the 2011 Regeneration Manifesto was just published, I need to approach you all with a very urgent and important matter...


Everybody needs to chip in for this upcoming season to be something out of the ordinary - and that's exactly what we must want! This might be the best shot we will get at reviving the scene, or at the very least improve it. So let's not fuck it up!

There's 2-3 divisions in both EDL and EuroQ2L this season, which means there's a great potential for all players to enjoy the competitions and have fun, and on top of that there's prize money in every division.

Call in your old clan buddies, harass random people on servers, ask your mom to play - whatever! Make a difference and HELP OUT!
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EDL #10 & EQ2L #16 Launched2011-09-13 09:06 | Welkin
The 2011/2012 season is upon us!

Both EDL #10 and EuroQ2L #16 have been launched, and the signups phase for both competitions will last until Sunday, September 25th, 24.00 CET (midnight before Monday).

Changes have been made to the layout of both events - make sure to have a good look at that!

And please, on behalf of all the wonders of this game, let's make this a season like none we've seen in several years! Hunt down your old gaming buddies, those inactive and retired, and revive their interest and make them join!

Both leagues will feature several divisions, and even prize money in all divisions... So perhaps for the first time in a while, there'll be plenty of fun and reward for players of all levels of skill!

On another note, R1ch has updated R1Q2. Read more here. Thanks once again, R1ch, for enr1ching the Q2 experience!
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2011 Regeneration Manifesto2011-09-07 13:42 | Welkin
I have decided to address the community with my views and ideas on the current situation in the Quake2 scene, and what I think needs to be done about it.

I will publish this 2011 Regeneration Manifesto piece by piece, over the course of the next couple of weeks. Polish translations will follow, however, at an unknown pace.

This is a call to arms, and it concerns everybody.

Part 1: Introduction
Part 2: The Situation
Part 3: Structure the Season

Please, bear in mind that the different parts are only pieces of a greater whole, meaning that neither one of them individually constitutes the proposal for solution.

Edit: Part 3 will be the last I publish of the manifesto at this time.

A summary written by Gravgon is published on the NDML site, here.
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