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Playoffs have started!2019-12-20 10:39 | claire
It's time for playoffs!

Groups and initial matches have been created. The deadline for your first playoff match is January 5. This extended deadline is to accommodate the holiday season where people are travelling and all that stuff.

Playoffs will be double-elimination, meaning if you lose once, you drop down to the loser's bracket. If you lose a match in that bracket, you're out. Generally speaking, the top 4 players from each group progressed. According to rule 2.C.iii.2., higher players from group A are matched with lower players from group B. The player with the higher frag count gets the home-team position as per rule 2.C.iv.1. Playoff matches are best of 5.

Now for the players: Division 3 was easy, simply taking the top 4 from each group.

Division 2 had a player from each group kicked out for inactivity. Division 2 didn't have enough players however, so two of the initial playoff matches for division 2 included the kicked players, but were automatic wins for the active player.

Division 1 is a little messier however. In division 1b, most obvious is the lack of PURRI. He informed ceba that he will be on an extended holiday throughout all of January. While it kills me to exclude a good player, I've seen too many EDL seasons drag on, fizzle and eventually die while waiting for players. We just can't put everything on hold for more than a month with the hopes that PURRI returns and plays his matches. Then fasadin contacted me saying he wasn't interested in playing in this season anymore. So 1b then includes 4bidden, aid, k1ra and GGG. Division 1a was more straightforward, but still had a point overlap between wst2 and Myrmidon^. The outcome of their match decided it as per rule 2.B.ix.1 and wst2 progresses.

Please start scheduling and playing your matches. Just because the deadline is a couple weeks away doesn't mean you have to wait until that Sunday.

Good luck!

Edit #1:
I missed that bo7asky and keizer also had the same number of points, and since bo7asky won their match that puts him in second place in 1a. That so I had to switch their matches. I also swapped match 2 and 3 in all three trees to prevent top players (point-wise) from playing each other too early.

2020-01-19 16:29 
No worries detina, real life comes first emo
2020-01-19 16:07 
it' was imposible for me to play other games in groups. too much works. gl and hf at playoffs emo
2019-12-20 17:34 
well its tricky when you have players who left or didnt play and they are still in playoff

WD claire

2019-12-20 13:52 
Yeah yeah, missed that point issue with z1on and keizer. Updated, except k1ru had more frags, so he's home.
2019-12-20 12:28 
@claire div1 playff tree is wrong botasky should play kiru and keizer aid since botasky won keizer in direct

duel also syanid vs ggg should be on oposite side of palyoff tree you cant have both group winners in semifinal in same branch of playoff tree

fix it

4boddem vs wst
botasky vs kiru
aid vs keizer
syanid vs ggg

same misstake by software in div2 in div3 forcing groupwinner to play in sedmifinal meaning second and tird palyer in group getting free pass to final witch is very wrong

Edited: 2019-12-20 12:36

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