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EDL #20
IRC: #EDL | Demos: http://demos.q2players.org
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Start Playing!2020-11-10 13:08 | claire
I moved dolarp to div2 which was way too big, so I had to split into 2a and 2b. Then all the matches had to be deleted and recreated. Unfortunately there is no automated process that can accomplish this, so it had to be done by hand. Meaning, if anything isn't right by now, too fucking bad it's staying that way.

So the schedule is set (complete with round date descriptions), start playing your matches!

You should familiarize yourself with the rules, you'll be expected to follow them: The Rules

General overview of how this all works (for newbs and oblivious veterans):
1 - Click on schedule and find your next match
2 - Click the "---" in the date column to get to the match page
3 - Post a comment with your availability. It is expected that you schedule your matches in the comments. If you schedule via some other method (discord, email, ICQ, whatever) paste the chat in the comments of the match. Admins can only see the comments, so we use that to decide on walkovers. No comments means you get no points if there is a walkover.
4 - Actually show up on time and play your match
5 - Start recording demos of each game before the start of the match. All Packetflinger servers force you to record, but other servers do not.
6 - Take a screenshot of every result during the intermission at the end of the match.
7 - BOTH PLAYERS ARE EXPECTED TO REPORT MATCHES to quake2edl@gmail.com with screenshots and a brief summary of who picked what or any other notable facts about the match.
8 - You'll receive an email with a URL to upload your demos after the match has been recorded.

You're more than welcome to play matches out of order or get them all played in a single weekend.

Group stage should last until just before Christmas. I would expect playoffs to start in early January.

Let us know if you have any questions


2021-02-23 10:10 
I think this was what we expected to happen, the league does not have proper management and players and everyone around lost interest in the league. In the beginning (before the start) we was abit worried due to the previous season, and tried to tell admins that there is ppl ready for helping out with the league, with no respons . I, me personally played one game this year and now in semifinal i winnerbrackets. I usually want to support the scene with my participation but this has gone to far, ive lost motivation .
2021-01-08 18:37 
Hi guys. If still possible to play group matches, let me know in pm discord plz.

2020-12-08 10:27 
So many W/O this year :\

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