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EDL #20
IRC: #EDL | Demos: http://demos.q2players.org
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#17 Map Vote2018-09-09 21:15 | claire
Having a pool of 9 maps seems to work pretty well, so unless there are major objections, let's plan on doing that. Instead of keeping the X most played maps from last season and all that garbage, let's just start blank. We need 9 maps, here are a list of all the maps ever played in EDL plus a few I think are fun. (I left fury out because it sucks)

Vote by posting a comment with your 9 picks. You can edit your original post or make a new one if you change your mind. Only votes from signed-up players at the time of the vote closing will count.


I suggest you actually check out all of the maps if you are unfamiliar with any rather than just picking the usual suspects. All maps are available for voting on any packetflinger server and you can download a pak file with all maps and assets (minus the q2dm* maps since you already have them) here: q2.packetflinger.com/dl/edl/edl17.pak
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Season 17 on the Horizon2018-09-09 16:21 | claire
It's that time of year again! School is starting up, Halloween candy is in the food store, my wife is wearing a scarf and drinking a pumpkin-spice latte; the time is ripe for a new season of EDL.

Last season was a bit of a bummer. I completely understand though, we've all got lives, jobs, spouses, kids, and all manner of IRL responsibilities. Last season dragged on way too long and everyone lost steam. I'm hoping to alleviate this phenomenon trying out more groups per division with fewer players in each. My goal is to have group stage last about a month and the same for playoffs. Giving some slack here and there I'm hoping to have this season done by mid December.

If that works, perhaps we could do something else over the winter, like Edge or ADL or something new to keep interest. That's for a later discussion though...

So, signups for EDL #17 are officially open. They will remain open until September 30 at midnight (CET). When you sign up, please send us an email to quake2edl@gmail.com saying what your player name is, so we have your current email address. Please idle in our IRC channel on Quakenet: #edl and on the Q2scene Discord server: discord.gg/CWbcKyF

I'll work on getting a map vote topic going soon.

I hope everyone had a wonderful summer, are well rested and in the mood for some Q2.

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#16 Playoffs Begin2018-01-05 10:18 | claire
I hope everyone had a fabulous holiday and the new year treats you well! It's currently 5f outside (-15c), so I hope you're warmer than I am currently...

Sorry about the delay, I was traveling for the holiday and I'm finally getting everything in order. There were a couple group-stage matches left, but we just can't wait any longer, they've been registered as walkovers and the playoff tables have been created.

All 1/4 playoff matches were created today and have a deadline of January 21. If your game isn't played (or at least scheduled) by then, it's turning into a walkover and we're moving on.

Good luck in playoffs and pray for chaingun spawns...

(anyone get any good xmas presents?)
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Schedule set, season #16 begin2017-10-16 15:05 | claire
Groups have been finalized, matches created and the schedule set. Season 16 has officially started!

Take a few minutes to read the rules. I've moved the rules to a Google Doc because editing a 12 page document with the shitty text field on this site makes me want to kill. Read and understand the rules:


Round 1 starts today and goes until 23:59 on Sunday October 22. Matches not played by that time will be turned into walkovers.

Good luck and have fun!
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Groups are UP2017-10-10 15:42 | claire
The small issue with the site has been fixed and groups are up.

These aren't set in stone, yet. So if you notice anybody really out of place (including yourself), leave a comment and we can fix that.

Let's leave this week to settle the groups and I'll create matches this weekend. Then we can officially start.
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