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2013-03-31 PLAYOFFS
2013-02-06 Tourney Of Quad !
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2012-10-01 Euroq2l #17 Kick-off !
2012-09-28 Map-pool results !
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2012-09-07 Euroq2l #17 - Opening !
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Euroq2l #18
IRC: #euroq2l | GTV: skuller.net / gtv.digitalfrag.net
Sign ups: off
Transfers: no
Players limit: 20
User's clans: on

PLAYOFFS2013-03-31 16:20 | Gravgon
If you're a Q2 lover like I am, you probably have been checking this website every day for the past 3 months waiting for something to happen.

And now is the time for something to happen !

Once upon a time in the year 2003, a Finnish dude called flag Foen asked me if I wanted to create a new league with him. That's how EQ2L was born.

10 years later, a wave of nostalgia brought us back to this league and this game.

And now, we're on a mission to NOT let this beautiful league die!

First things first, here is the playoff table:

DIV 1 Semi-Finals

- flag 3c vs. iafa flag

- flag t0k vs. play flag

DIV 2 Semi-Finals

- flag qF vs. tLk flag

- flag kob vs. I.L flag

We know it's hard to arrange these matches when everyone disapeared. So we will do it for you.
If you're a player of one of these clans, you will be contacted to check when you're available to play.

Of course, you can help by arranging your matches yourselves or contacting us.

The semi-finals must be played before the end of April. The finals must be played before the end of May.

Together, we will save this league !
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Tourney Of Quad ! 2013-02-06 07:02 | sofiene
While Euroq2l is running slowly, flagt0mmy and his polish mates decided to run a tournament called Tourney of Quad, Rules are not that far from the euroq2l rules and it is meant to be all about fun and to be accessible to every European Quake 2 player in any kind of Level !

If you have any questions or want to sign up just pm t0mmy. You can use q2scene messenger, forum or irc

Rules and more informations can be found >> Here<<
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nF and IL switch divisions2012-10-23 13:03 | sofiene
At the request of IL and with the agreement of nF, we decided to switch them in the divisions. From now on, nF will be placed in div1 and IL will be placed in div2.

nF had already played a match against Tastyspleen and the score was 2-1. This match will be canceled but to make sure Tastyspleen isn’t disadvantaged by this decision, they will keep the point they already won in this league.

When Tasty will play against IL, they will start the match as if they had already won 1 map (IL’s home map on Tasty’s home server). The remainder of the match will be played under the same conditions (home/away) and will start with Tasty's map on IL's home server.

We think this will make the league more enjoyable for everyone and we would like to thank nF for their cooperation and sportsmanship
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Euroq2l #17 Kick-off !2012-10-01 14:45 | sofiene
The Divisions are now announced,you can see them in the right of your screen,also the schedule is now up so just go here to see what is your opponent in every round and see the dates and deadlines for each round.
Best 6 teams will go to the play-offs.

Rules Reminder :

-If you have scheduled a game,just send a msg with the date to one of the admins
-All players have to record but asked players have to upload their demos in demosquad, not having the demo will result in a warning
-when the match ends, the winner team have to provide screenshots ( .jpg format if possible ) just zip them,upload them and send the link to an admin
-if a match was not played and deadline is reached, it will be forced in the favor of the team who showed up before the deadline,if neither team showed up, the match will be forced to a neutral date
-home/away is possible if both teams agree.

Map-Pool : Here

Good Luck And Have Fun !
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Map-pool results !2012-09-28 10:10 | sofiene
As it was already announced,the map-pool this year will be different from the last years' one and many of you have already voted in the poll,the results are here and now ! :

-Q2DM1 The Edge
-Q2DM2 Tokay's Towers
-Q2DM3 The Frag Pipe
-Q2DM5 The Pits
-Q2DM6 Lava Tomb
-Q2DM7 The Slimy Place
-Q2DM8 The WareHouse
-Q2NEXT1 Schizm
-Q2HT Hammer Time

this is the Map-pool,you voted for it so you better play, walk-overs are not accepted !

The groups will be up in few days,for now,you can start to practice some before the real deal.
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