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2012-01-07 Anyone?
2011-09-13 Gibblördag - Week by ...
2011-08-21 Gibblördag Revival
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IRC: #gibblördag
Sign ups: off
Transfers: yes
Players limit: 100
User's clans: off

Anyone?2012-01-07 07:19 | Welkin
Needless to say, I gave up on this. Had to rearrange my priorities with the Q2 scene.

Anyone else interested in giving it a try?
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Gibblördag - Week by Week2011-09-13 18:11 | Welkin
Read the previous news post for all necessary information about Gibblördag.

This news post will show Gibblördag week by week - showing if the upcoming Saturday will feature a gibb, or gets cancelled.

Oct 29: Current poll
Oct 1-22: Break
Sep 24: Cancelled
Sep 17: Cancelled
Sep 10: Cancelled
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Gibblördag Revival2011-08-21 06:07 | Welkin
About a month ago we had a news post published on the main Q2scene page, regarding a possible Gibblördag revival this Fall. Along with it a poll suggesting it might be called for to change the day of the week for the gibb, in order to get more people to join.

The community has now had plenty of time to react and reflect, to share their ideas and opinions, and it actually seems like the best option would be to continue throwing Gibblördag on Saturdays.

As of today, the poll result most notably showed five people in favor of Saturdays, and seven for Monday-Thursday. It would not be fair to assume that at least six of these seven votes, would be able to settle for the one and same day.

Besides, since Darus flag launched #q2pickup (on Qnet), those with a gibb urge on Sundays, they're able to get theirs, and for any other day of the week, there's the excellent #quake2all system. So, go get 'em!

Anyways, I realize it most probably will not be possible to get a gibb rolling every Saturday, in spite of however great Gibblördag is. Therefor I suggest that every week there'll be a poll on the Gibblördag page (q2scene.net/gib), simply asking whether or not YOU will participate in the upcoming Saturday's event.

This way everybody will be able to keep track of how the prognosis is looking for the current week, and if there's even any idea to log in on IRC that Saturday night. I know that I for one hate to have my time wasted waiting for others to show up. Hopefully this measure will minimize the risk of that.

We will aim to have the first upcoming Gibblördag be the thing that rings in the new season, marking its start on Saturday, September 3rd. Wouldn't that be a great tradition to start?

>>Edit, Sep 2nd: Seems like we're not getting enough people tomorrow, so the official gibb is called off. Those of you who were looking forward to something, set it up in #quake2all instead, why don't ya!

Be sure to participate in the poll on the right hand side, now trying to determine what time of night we should gather for the gibb.
>>Edit, Sep 14th: Gibblördag will start at 21.00 CET.

For that, keep in mind:
- 8 players = 2 teams, 1 game per team, will probably take 60-80 minutes to complete
- 16 players = 4 teams, 2-3 games per team, 140-220 min
- 32 players = 8 teams, up to 3 games per team, 220-240 min

Rules page has also been updated!
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Upcoming matches
What time of night should Gibblördag start? Time zone CET - as in Poland, Sweden, etc
Must be 21.00
4 (25%)
Not important, but preferably 21.00
3 (19%)
Either 20.00 or 21.00
2 (13%)
Not important, but preferably 20.00
2 (13%)
Either 21.00 or 22.00
2 (13%)
Either 19.00 or 20.00
1 (6%)
Not important, but preferably 19.00
1 (6%)
Either 18.00 or 19.00
1 (6%)
Must be 22.00
0 (0%)
Must be 18.00
0 (0%)
Must be 19.00
0 (0%)
Must be 20.00
0 (0%)
Not important, but preferably 18.00
0 (0%)
Not important, but preferably 22.00
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