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Maps: New Q2 Duel Map Pak

Howdy, my name is evilpope. I'm from the USA, and I've been playing fps games since they first came out. I got addicted to multiplayer with duke3d, and soon after got into quake. I started playing competatively during the onset of Quake2, and moved to Quake3 when it came out, then on to RTCW, and then back to Q2. I got to play with many of the top oldschool North American players in the old days of Q2, and even some of the euros like Scion and oWo from MM.

Anyways, on to the real reason for this article, I have created a DM map pak specifically for dueling. In the USA, pretty much all anyone plays nowadays is Q2DM1, and I'll be the first one to say, none of the other maps that came with q2 have the dynamic gameplay and movement of dm1. While maps like dm3 are great maps, it's alot more restrictive as far as movement and such, and in my opinion makes for somewhat less fun games. I have also been somewhat disapointed with most of the maps I have seen in recent paks, so my goal was to create a pak of maps that I think have as dynamic of gameplay as q2dm1. I purposely tried to keep away from the overly cramped maps because I feel the don't play well into the style quake2 has evolved into, with players moving incredibly fast and making all kinds of crazy jumps.

I downloaded pretty much every map I could find, and went through over 500 maps to combine them down into 10 maps. This pak includes some old favorites like match1, ztn2dm2, ztn2dm3, and q2rdm2. I included these maps because this map pak is meant to be a best of the best of maps that didn't come with q2 or the patch that gave us q2dm1 - q2dm8. Without further ado, here are the maps(click on each name for a screenshot):

Q2Pduel1 : Aerowalk by Preacher
Q2Pduel2 : The Dark Base(q1dm6 remake)
Q2Pduel3 : in2 Oblivion by pan
Q2Pduel4 : Kryptonite by Pan
Q2Pduel5 : Reckless Abandon
Q2Pduel6 : The Vent by U8Poo
Q2Pduel7 : The Chastity Belt Duel by Jalisko
Q2Pduel8 : Underground by Requiem
Q2Pduel9 : The Killing Machine by ZTN
Q2Pduel10 : The Rage by ZTN

You can download the pak at

I hope you will enjoy these maps as much as I have and the people who helped me test them. Leave ur comments in the comments section :)

2005-05-20 13:05 
nice pack, nice maps :] dude
2004-10-08 10:54 
well, I found it in q2players
2004-10-06 13:49 
dOwnLOad AccElerator said:

File requested does not existed
Download Aborted!!

2004-08-05 09:55 
Dammit, I lost my hd..
and now... File not found...
2004-08-01 16:58 
Very nice site you folks have going here. I have tried to post in the forums, but I keep getting some error message.
Feel free to stop by Q2database - My web site dedicated to the players of QuakeII. The Web Site covers most everything ever created for the game of QuakeII.....everything from basic information, tweaks, maps.......forums, downloads, upgrades much much more!.
2004-06-16 03:29 
Nice pack
2004-04-11 12:21 
cool maps dude
2004-04-10 12:37 
2004-01-15 14:08 
Gerdt: A duel league is in the process, it's mainly NA based atm.. but since I'm taking a part in it, it could maybe be stretched to include euros as well..

Evilpope: nice map pak, we've ran through the maps already together, lots of fun. But I thought there was 14 maps, unless you gave me a beta of it. I hope you didn't take the map out that I beat you on. Oh wait.. in2 Oblivion, there it is.. awesome map.. I loved it!

berla: Nice work.. glad to see some people are on top of things so quickly

2004-01-14 14:01 
i played these maps a lot of time and i think that a great maps, but some of them are new for me.
2004-01-14 13:47 
i've played most of those maps, chastity belt, and rage,(prolly my fav). great thing to do pope, i think it will make a lot more fun. maybe post a link to the map pak, on q2players, and everyone will see if we can get them on all servers. i have the same thoughts on dm3/rage/ other than dm1 maps. dm3 offers great gameplay, but not the speed, and fun situations, dm1, can uniquely offer. dm8 has a lot of open space, but dm1 is just to much fun for duel
2004-01-14 12:09 
sup! i would download the pak but i donno what to do with it
zloy, estonian admins are noobish, they kick me cuz my ping is 150
2004-01-14 07:12 
I added this mappak to my server [berlas Battleground]|
2004-01-14 03:35 
Well it's a kind of mix between q2duel-rdm and ztn maps.
Maybe you should host a duel league with this mappack?
2004-01-13 20:35 
Nice initiative, but imo it might confuse people a bit when the maps have new names. Positive side is ofcource now the maps have names you can actually remember =)
2004-01-13 18:29 
yeah i played that map once before, it was ok.. but i wouldve really like to see grom_dm3 in here!@#!@#!@
2004-01-13 18:08 
nice indeed, duel1 is very fun to play with the teleport :p
2004-01-13 18:01 
2004-01-13 17:22 
also, part of the point was to include maps that most people have never played before

I played all of them multiple times testing them out though, and I think they all offer very good gameplay, would love to see some demos of games on them
2004-01-13 17:10 
yeah, the biggest problem with 3rd party maps is getting admins to put them on servers. Luckily i have gotten them on 2 servers here in the US already, and hopefully will be able to get them on the rest here
2004-01-13 17:08 
tbh, i played these maps only once, and some of them never :\. Estonian server admins are stupid ppl imho, cuz they allow only dm1-8 maps, no ztn even.. .

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