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Aliases: EDL Settings Voting Script

Last updated: 14 Sep 2012

Here's alittle something that will make it easier and faster to vote for all the different server settings before an official match.

Just change the button bind (or use the alias as it is), and then hit that button for one vote at a time, until it says you're done!

Copy and paste (everything below) into a config file.

alias edl1 "say I'm using the EDL match settings voting script (; edl2"
alias edl2 "vote webconfig edl; alias edl edl3"
alias edl3 "vote tl 15; alias edl edl4"
alias edl4 "vote powerups 0; alias edl edl5"
alias edl5 "vote bfg 0; vote weapons -bfg; say Remember! On q2dm2 BFG must always be turned ON!; alias edl edl6"
alias edl6 "vote telemode normal; alias edl edl7"
alias edl7 "vote tiemode ot; alias edl edl8"
alias edl8 "vote overtime 2; alias edl edl9"
alias edl9 "vote chat 1; alias edl edl10"
alias edl10 "vote bugs 0; alias edl edl11"
alias edl11 "vote mode 1v1; alias edl edl12"
alias edl12 "say Change SKINS: female/athena for hometeam, and male/grunt for away team; alias edl edl13"
alias edl13 "vote disallow id; say ID mode must be turned OFF during the game! It is strictly forbidden.; alias edl edl14"
alias edl14 "say That was all! gl & hf /Welkin; alias edl edl1"

alias edl "edl1"

bind x "edl"

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