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The 2011 Regeneration Manifesto: Part 3, Structure the Season
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The 2011 Regeneration Manifesto: Part 2, The Situation
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NoFake2010-07-09 10:19 | Gravgon
NoFake is a new tool that was developped by a group of Polish players to help fighting against nick faking on servers.

It currently runs only on TDM mod servers and it's already been implemented (and enforced) on a couple of them.

You can read more about NoFake in biah's news

wision considers adding NoFake to opentdm servers but before he does so, he would like to know your opinion about it.

Please post what you think about that in the comments !
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PLQ2 #11 has ended2010-04-22 07:57 | *rl*
Just a few days ago, 11th season of the biggest Quake 2 League - PLQ2, has ended. I dunno if it's a suprise or not but div1 was dominated by players from tOk.

Divison 1 final standing:

1. team on-line killers
2. New Divide
3. Veni Vidi Vici

Unfortunately, we won't see 3M in the next season, cause they dropped down to the 2nd Division.

2nd division was quite even. And PFH managed to secure first place.

Divison 2 final standing:

1. Play For Honor
2. GOA
3. Rebels

Play For Honor and GOA advancing to the 1st div.

Congrats to tOk and Play For Honor!
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R, 3agpoT? #5 - signups2010-04-06 05:19 | *rl*
Another (5th) season of this unknown to everyone (except russians) league has begun. This time, it will be "ztn2dm3-only-league". CoVell was able to win the previous season (ptrip + q2duel5). Will he be able to win this time?

Generally, this league is for russians, but if some non-russian speakers wants to join, they need to contact Litrium or AlexyeNov.


gl&hf !
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Allstar game and Euroq2l #132010-03-31 14:17 | Foen
Preliminary votes were cast to figure out the best and the most popular players who were nominated for the allstar game. Now it is up to you which 8 players will be playing in actual game, so cast your vote to a poll, which you can find from Euroq2l site .

Also Euroq2l #13 has reached playoffs and in a month or so, we will see which clans will conquer divisions I and II. Division I groupstage has certainly been more interesting this year than in past seasons. play> stayed on top, but point difference from 1st to 6th place is only 6 points so we can expect interesting games from quarterfinals to the finals. In divison II first playoffs round should be pretty clear, but when the playoffs go forward games will also get tougher and more even, however it is needless to say that there is only one favourite in division II.

Division I
play vs Brotherhood of Death
Harry Boy Quakers vs Veni Vidi Vici
Bigass Motherfuckers vs Muffzors
Team On-line Killers vs Rage

Division II
skill zero vs quake 2 rulez
we Dream vs qwned
xeno vs knights of beer
For Fun vs Titanium
rebels vs GOA
folk vs Frag in 7sec
Gsg9clan vs Only4fun
I am fucking amazing vs Strangers
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2x2insta #1 - sMr wins!2010-03-25 17:21 | *rl*
First edition of 2x2insta league is now (finally) over. In the grand final, two polish teams have met. And sMr turned out to be better railers than tOk by beating them 3-1.

Final standing:

1. sMr
2. tOk
3. RmR

Congratz sMr, and see you next season!

//admin crew ;-)
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q2jump #6 signups2010-03-22 09:47 | Foen

Hello, folks!
The sign-ups for 6th Quake2 Jump Tournament are opened. If you want to show how much you improved or degraded, sign up now! You have time to sign up till the end of the March

As Apkis said above, new season is on its way and you can signup here and if you have questions about the league I advice you to contact Apkis and also follow q2jump news, which is promising updates.
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CoVell wins RDL#52010-03-19 07:11 | *rl*
Grand final between covell and optimus took place 4 days ago. Estonian player managed to beat "locals" favourite optimus. I'm not sure if there are any demos available (Alexyenov?).

Grand Final:

opt1mus [2:4] CoVell

Final standing:

1. CoVell
2. opt1mus
3. k1ra

Congratz to CoVell.
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TDM quo vadis?2010-03-17 16:48 | SEBbull
If you don't follow the comments on almost all q2scene, you might miss some crucial discussions about the scene and its leagues. So here are two most recent ones, if you haven't heard yet:

NDML9: Invitational
There hasn't been any official nations game in ages. Why's that? Oh, right, the last NDML season was canceled after only 8 teams signed up... We've spent a year (sobbing and) waiting for the NDML9 to come. And here it is! A few days ago, Gravgon announced he is looking for active teams to compete in a new season of the league! The number of teams, which was not enough for the league to be run last year (8), was said to be enough this year. But as it turns out, it's not that easy to gather 8 nations to play. This spawned a discussion what to do so the league starts and, as Gravgon put it, doesn't feel "forced" with half-active teams and imaginary countries. That's when the NDML9: Invitational idea emerges, but that leaves a bunch of questions: who to invite, on what conditions, what would be the league layout, considering the small number of teams. How would you like the league to look like? How do you see it? Post your ideas HERE!

EUROQ2L 14: new quality
If we are redesigning NDML to fit the situation the scene is in (activity?), why not to tweak EUROQ2L a bit? If you are not fully satisfied with the running season of the league, or you have some ideas, which could possibly lead to more interesting EUROQ2L 14, you might want to q2scene forums and read duco's 'ideas and changes' thread. The current topic of the discussion is the mappool, so if you have any ideas regarding adding and/or removing any maps or you know a level, which you think would make a great tdm map, go ahead and leave your post there! Of course, the discussion is not limited to the mappool, so if you have any other ideas, which would make the league a better one, feel free to share them HERE!

Remember, the scene needs your opinion! :)
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House Of Quake Leagues2010-03-10 11:01 | Foen
Careem has brought to our intention a new league and now that signups are open it is time to add it to news. League is called House of Quake and as you can see there are also quakelive leagues, but the most important there is q2ra2 2v2 league! Those who are still itching to get back to the forgotten ra2 fields, now it is time to wake it up from the dead.

However I can’t give you more details about this league at this point because there isn’t any, but there is forum where you can ask questions and discuss about the rules. I also found a small q2ra2 indrotuciton.

So make it happen Enjoy!
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PLQ2 2v2 Signups2010-02-28 10:30 | *rl*
Today D4ru$ has opened signups for the second season of PLQ2 2v2. And obviosly only poles can participate. To sign up your team, you must contact headadmin (D4ru$) @ #plq2.

Maxplayers: 2
Mappool: q2duel1, q2duel5, q2duel8, q2rdm2, fury, match1, tltf
Layout: groupstage - BO3, playoffs - BO5 & double elimination
Timelimit: 15


1st place: 2x Headsets PLANTRONICS GAMECOM 367 (click)
2nd place: 2x Keyboard Logitech Classic 200 (click)
3rd place: 2x Mousepad STEELSERIES QCK (click)

The prizes were sponsored by an anonymous doner :)

Good luck to all teams!
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