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2009-11-09 FIRST ROUND!
2009-10-22 BDL #3
2009-02-22 Q2 CUP final standing
2009-02-18 Q2 CUP!
2009-02-16 QUAKE2 CUP!
2009-02-05 League canceled!
2009-01-20 BDL #3
2008-12-24 merry x-mas!
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BDL #3
IRC: #balkan.q2
Sign ups: off

League canceled!2009-02-05 22:08 | careem
The Balkan Duel League has been canceled. The reason was inactivity in Balkan. After all, I am (CAREEM) done with Balkan Duel League. If any one is up for this league then I can hire him as an admin. Otherwise I would like to thank every participant from Balkan who has played in this league.
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BDL #32009-01-20 12:58 | careem
Next season of Balkan duel league is about to start. We will launch next Balkan duel league in 1. of February. Until then the sign ups will be open. If you wish you can sign up already. Good luck!

Irc channel: #balkan.q2 @qnet

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merry x-mas!2008-12-24 09:41 | careem
Sretan Bozic gladna djeco
i svi stari nemocni
politicari nece doci
darove Vam donijeti

Sretan Bozic, bez kaputa braco
i sve bivse ljubavi
nepravde ce ionako snijeg
i tamjan prekriti

Moje suze nikom nista ne znace
zasto da im moje suze
kvare svete blagdane
kvare ove blagdane

Sretan Bozic gladna djeco
i svi stari nemocni
politicari nece stici
strasno su zauzeti

Ali Bog je evo, tako htio
pa je svoga sina ovu noc
poslo da nam svim budem
da nam bude na pomoc

Moje suze nikom nista ne znace
zasto da im moje suze
kvare svete blagdane

Nase suze nikom nista ne znace
zasto da im nase suze
kvare svete blagdane
kvare ove blagdane

Sretan vam bozic svima Balkancima!
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The end of BDL#22008-12-16 19:23 | careem
Final standing:

img flagCAREEM
img flag U-god
img flag CoVell
4. flag kinex
5. flag lasthero
6. flag Zebany
7. flag lux0r
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U-god banned!2008-12-16 16:22 | careem
flag U-god has been banned for not respecting the rules and he was very badly behaved.

[21:14:37] <U-God> i dont give a fuck
[21:14:39] <U-God> bitch
[21:14:48] <U-God> look backwards
[21:14:51] <U-God> how did u act
[21:14:53] <U-God> on sunday
[21:14:57] <h4xCAREEM> ?
[21:15:04] <U-God> cures berling
[21:15:05] <U-God> servers
[21:15:17] <U-God> i said Fuck You
[21:15:29] <h4xCAREEM> will u play today or no?
[21:15:36] <U-God> i can few maps
[21:15:41] <h4xCAREEM> we have to play all.
[21:15:44] <U-God> but if i will
[21:15:48] <U-God> be asked to meet some
[21:15:52] <U-God> i will quit
[21:15:53] <U-God> :)
[21:16:00] <h4xCAREEM> we have to play all.
[21:16:07] <U-God> i dont
[21:16:08] <U-God> care
[21:16:11] <U-God> we could play
[21:16:13] <U-God> sunday
[21:16:15] ŤŤŤ U-God was kicked by h4xCAREEM:#balkan.q2 (Pimp your brain)
[21:16:18] <U-God> the problem why we didnt
[21:16:19] <U-God> play
[21:16:20] <U-God> is U

Sundays problem:
[21:32:55] <@h4xCAREEM> he want me to play at swedis server
[21:32:57] <@h4xCAREEM> where he ping 44
[21:32:59] <@h4xCAREEM> and me 60
[21:33:03] <@h4xCAREEM> and he dont want at cures
[21:33:07] <@h4xCAREEM> where we both ping 55
[21:33:11] <@h4xCAREEM> and he dont want home away
[21:33:16] <@h4xCAREEM> and he want to play tomorrow
[21:33:21] <@h4xCAREEM> and today is the second deadline

In the end we actually played, but only 1 map. He said that he have to "meet" some one. Meet someone at 22cet? Anyway, he won match1 and left without saying anything at irc. He knew what will happen if he leave and in the end he decided to leave.

flag U-god is not allowed to play in this league anymore.

After all, flag U-god played his match after the midnight. However, ban will stay. This will be a lesson for him for the next time.
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