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2009-10-22 BDL #3
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2009-01-20 BDL #3
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BDL #3
IRC: #balkan.q2
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Replacement!2008-10-19 15:15 | careem
Now we have second replacement here. This time flagCheimera was replaced with flagScream.

"<Cheimera> i think ill have to resign from the league, i have tryed to get my computer to work all weekend, but this shit is so fucked up i cant get it to work"
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two days left!2008-10-17 08:46 | careem
Following players have 2days to play the games!

flagMoBy vs flagFaLCoN (2:0)
flagSniper_bg vs flagReverence
flagMastah vs flagunder (2:0)
flagcareem vs flagScream! (2:0)
flaglasthero vs flag5a5a (2:0)
flagkinezu vs flaglux0r (2:0)
flagq2|zeus vs flagHunter247 (1:2)
flagBobek vs flagU-God (2:1)
flagZebany vs flagUniBG
flagNiGGY vs flag[bg]malefactor

Some people have problems getting in touch with their opponents.

One way is irc(mIRC) @qnet(/server irc.quakenet.org) channel #edc.q2 (/j edc.q2). Another way is to use Q2scene messenger (you have to login then you will see menu in the left side - "Messenger"). Third way is to contact a player from the same country.

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Zebany from Turkey added!2008-10-17 07:39 | careem
flagZebany added in group G!

We can add 4more!

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zeus added!2008-10-15 19:36 | careem
flagzeus added in group E.

Now we can add 5more players, you have 3days to add yourself.
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two players added!2008-10-12 09:14 | careem
We added 7th exception flagMastah and Turkey player flagFalcon.

flagMastah is the last exception added. Others from Balkan are welcome!

We can add 6more players.

flagmagnata was replaced with flagCoVell because he can't play in this season with some reason.
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