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BDL #3
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Replacement2008-08-10 20:39 | careem
We replaced flagslash with flagSniper.bg because he is back from holidays. flagSlash's computer died that's the reason why we replaced him. The game is now flagSniper.bg vs flagq-tuk, unfortunately flagq-tuk had to give the game to flagSniper.bg since flagq-tuk is going on vacation's.
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1/4 games and predictions!2008-08-01 23:49 | careem
We have reached 1/4 finals which means that we only have 8 players left.
Here are the quarter final games:

flagCAREEM vs flagNiGGy

I think flagCAREEM is favorite in these games since he won all the matches with 2:0.
The score will be 3:0 in favor of flagCAREEM

flagSlash vs flagq-tuk

They both won 1/8 by w/o so this will be hard to predict.
The score will be 3:1 in favor of flagq-tuk

flagkinezu vs flagdean

This game has already been played, flagkinex won with the score 3:1.

flaghustla vs flagcold

I think it will be an even game but flaghustla will be the winner in the end.
3:2 in favor of flaghustla.

The deadline for these games is 11.8.08 23.00 cet.
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Balkan 2v2&Balkan 1v1 league?2008-07-27 01:59 | careem
What do you say if we organize another Balkan league in September / October? Balkan 2 vs 2 league? Will we have enough participants?
Fell free to comment here.

If we will have enough interested people for this new tournament then our webmaster flagClaymore will add for us another web page for 2v2 league. So vote there at vote poll and share some comments with us.


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Forced games!2008-07-24 12:54 | careem
We forced 3 playoff games to Sunday, July 28, 08. @23CET.

flagq-tuk vs flagSniper.bg

flagSlash vs flagmaxy

flagdean vs flagSmartY

SmartY and Maxy don't give a fuck about game's looks like, but for sniper q-tuk game we will add 2more extra days. GL&HF!!!

And yeah, 1/4 is almost here.
You can play your 1/4 games already if you wish. The 1/4 game's are not forced yet, but we will force them in the next two day's.

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Playoffs!2008-07-15 23:54 | careem
The BDL has now reached the playoff stage!

The playoff games will all be best of 5.
That means each player will pick 2 maps instead of one, and in the case of a 2-2 score elimination will be done by the same method as before.

Matches in 1/8:

flagCAREEM vs flagbEAHe (played)

flagq-tuk vs flagSniper.bg

flagSlash vs flagmaxy

flag[bg]malefactor vs flagcold[atc]

flagNiGGy vs flagReverence

flagsasa vs flagkinezu

flagdean vs flagSmartY

flaghustla vs flaglux0r (played)

The deadline for these matches is Tuesday, July 22, 08, @ 22:00CET. Good luck and have fun!

1/8 predictions (forum)


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