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Week 1 in review2006-12-11 11:15 | Element^
Well it looks that Season 3 has gotten off to a great start. With the exception of infamous dropping out, lets see what happened this past week.

Only one match went the distance going all 3 games, and that was |D| flag coming back from behind to defeat + flag 2:1, taking the maps Q2DM7 and Q2DM1.

First game to be played this season was [2c] flag vs |D2| flag which [2c] flag took 2:0.

Closest games would also goto |D| flag and + flag. Each of their games was a victory of 25 or less frags.

Biggest blow out would goto FoJ (the undefeated NADML champs) flag over {SX} flag by a frag count of 388 over 2 maps. Hopefully this won't be the last we see of {SX} flag, props do however goto Reflex and Unit3d for not disconnecting in Q2DM7 like the rest of the clan did.

Also thanks to adrenaline and sean for reffing the games this week.

Best of luck in Week 2 everyone.
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more interviews...2006-12-02 21:39 | sean
I had some time today so I did interviews with krez from Fires of Judaism, DyN from Devine team #2 and Ghost9 from Valiant, you can find the interviews in the articles section or reach each one with the individual links posted below.

flag FoJ|krez interview here
flag |D|DyN interview here
flag vA.Ghost9 interview here
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NADML Schedules!2006-11-30 13:53 | DaHanG
Schedules for the regular season have been released, and matches may begin now. The following are the deadlines for matches -

week 1: december 11th

week 2: december 18th

week 3: january 1st

week 4: january 8th

week 5: january 15th

week 6 (makeups): january 22nd

Note that teams have two weeks to play one match during the holiday season, hopefully this is enough time for teams to get their match in. If not, they can be replayed during the makeup week at the end of the season. Enjoy!
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New interviews posted2006-11-21 11:54 | sean
I had some free time this week so I took a few minutes and interviewed Spam from HDTP and bliss from Devine about the upcoming season of NADML. I'm going to post some more articles the first week of december once the round robin match schedule is posted. You can find the interviews here

Enjoy :)
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Sign up's enabled2006-11-11 09:09 | Element^
Well last night when I got home after midnight I turned on thde signups for NADML 3. So Captains please sign up your teams ASAP. The signup is open to all teams in all areas. And Happy Remembrance/Veterans day.
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