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IRC: #nadml
Sign ups: off
Transfers: yes
Players limit: 10
Sign up limit: 127 (teams)
User's clans: on
North American Death Match League Rules

North American Death Match League is a 4v4 Clan League aimed to spark the NA TDM scene,

and to hopefully result in some clans getting started up and for clans to actually

scrim each other...

Head-admin: Element
Helper-admins: sean, DaHanG, daelmun
Additional Referees: adrenal1ne, haunted, bliss
Head webmaster: Claymore

General Rules:

- R1Q2 anticheat highly encouraged. it may not work for everyone but the overwhelming majority should be using it, clan leaders are responsible for getting their team to use the client. download at http://antiche.at/
- Timelimit read down
- Maps q2dm1-dm2-dm3-dm5-dm6-dm7-dm8-colours.
- Bright skins, timers, health wavs ARE allowed.


- Matches are scheduled each week. If they can't agree on a date/time an admin will
book a date/time.
- A game is played 4vs4, if a clan can't field 4 players, they may play with 3,
anything less is a default loss.
- If a clan doesn't show up 20 minutes after the planned time of the game, they will
lose by forfeit unless theres an agreement to reschedule.
- A clans first forfeit will be -2 wins, second -200 frags, third -2 wins and -200
frags, 4th, will be ban from the league.
- Clans will have one wildcard for both, round robin and playoff rounds which they can
use to postpone a match. That wildcard has to be used atleast 1 hour before the match
- If a clan drops out during the league all the matches for that clan are marked as
walkovers (maps: 0-2, frags: 0-0). This to avoid any clan getting
advantage/disadvantage having already played/not played vs the dropout clan.


- Players that have played for another clan is allowed to play for a new clan, but when
they change clans, they have to tell the admins so they can update the playerlists and
the player won't be allowed to play with his/her new clan for a 1 week period.
- Rosters may not be changed after regular season
- If a player shall be allowed to play with a clan, he needs to be in their clanlist.
And he can't be in any other clans clanlist.
- Aliased players are frowned upon, if a player is signed up on a teams roster, and the
player is unknown by any of the admins, or at least 50% of the league players don't

know who they are, they will not be eligable to play.
- Any player banned from any previous leagues (UDML, TS tourneys) will not be permitted
to play in NADML.


- Regular Season:

- Regular season will determine the seedings for the playoffs. Each team will play each other in a best 2 of 3 game match.
- Standings will be based on number of wins. If teams are tied, fragcount will
determine standings.
- Timelimit 20 minutes.


- Based on the standings of the regular season is how the playoff bracket will be formed.
- The first round of playoffs will be best 2/3 20 minute games. The higher seed decides whether they want to play their map first or their opponent's map first. If its tied at the end of game 2, the
admin will pick 3 random maps, and each side will toss a map and pm their pick to the admin, the map not
picked will be the map played. Seeing if both clans choose the same map, that map shall
be the map played in the tie-breaker. The 3 random maps, can not be either of the
previous 2 maps played.
- After the first round, the rest of the games will be played best 2/3 20 minute
games. Same rules as first round as to how to decide a 3rd map if needed.
The winners bracket and losers bracket finals will be best 3/5 20 minute games.
- 3rd and 4th ranked teams will play to decide end rankings.

Before the game:

- An admin will create a temp chan 30 minutes before the game where both teams have to
decide on the maps to be played. Admins will give out server info and set the game up.
Admins do not have to stay during matches.

During the game:

- Each clan have right for one timeout per map. Maxlength for HOLD is 3 mins, after
that the game continues automatically.
- Bots, spiked models, weaponspikes, wallhacks and long rockets are prohibited. Any
attempt of using a cheat will result in a ban.
- Members of the clans who are on the server must record a demo which they can be asked
to send afterward to make sure spectators werent ghosting the other team using chat
programs, spec for cheating if it is brought up to admin, and for demos to be posted on
the site afterward.
-You can only chase players from your own clan, if it is obvious that an observer
specated the game on a cheatting purpose, the game might have to be replayed.

After the game:

- Each player will zip up demo's and send to the admin in charge of the match.
- Each team's captain must take a final screenshot of the score of each map.


- You have to play with the nick which is in your clan's playerlist, or knownable nick
like (Kobra -> emoboy (bad example? ). It is your own responsibility to play with real
nick, not admins.
- If you play a match and your name is not on playerlist the game will be w/o against
your clan. And you will get warning and 2nd time banned..
- Players outside your clan list are NOT permitted to play for you this includes using
players that aliass as one of your team. If this happens, both the player and the one
who got his nick hired will be kicked out of the league.

Rules application:

- The spirit of the rules will always prevail on the letter. All cases can't be covered
by the rules, in case of a difficult situation the NADML team will discuss together
about it.
- Admins AND players are supposed to know the rules, ignoring them will never be used
as an excuse.
- Admin word is final although difficult cases might be threatened afterward by head
admins in order to find the best solution to a problem.
- These rules are subject to change at any time. Changes made after the start of the
season will always be reported on the news page.
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