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IRC: #nadml
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Players limit: 10
Sign up limit: 127 (teams)
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New Server Alternatives2006-11-09 18:13 | DaHanG
Thanks to sean, we have a new server alternative.

The ip: is located in Texas

Now the server list for NADML looks as follows:

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Prize Money for NADML!!!2006-10-31 15:10 | DaHanG
bliss has been very generous and is willing to put $300 up for the first team finisher. He encourages others to donate a total of $100 for second place, but if nobody coughs it up, he'll throw in his own money for that as well. Anyone is obviously welcome to donate as much as they want. bliss wants to see some great tdm action, and we're all looking forward to this upcoming season. Thank bliss if you catch him in a game. :)

1st: $300
2nd: $100
3rd: used condom
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A new season of NADML!2006-10-30 16:01 | daelmun
It has been silent for a while now, but we're currently in the planning stage of creating a new season of NADML. We're aiming for kick-off on the 1st of December, given enough positive feedback and enough active clans to make it worthwhile.

What we would like is to get some feedback from any clan willing to participate in the North American 4v4 TDM league. Ideally we should have around 8 active clans, and a handful of admins to run the league. The NADML is IRC based, so the clans also need to show their presence on IRC in order to make scheduling easier, and make it easier for admins to get a hold of clans.

So, if you're intrested in participating it's time to talk with your clanmates and get your clan back on the track, or if you're clanless get a clan up and running for the NADML!
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NADML fall season: Maplist2006-06-28 15:30 | daelmun
The next season is already in the planning stage, and we have already decided to add colour to the existing maplist since it was quite a popular map in the first season.

We're also considering adding q2next1 to the maplist. It's a new map that has been used in EuroQ2L this season. Pretty much a quad dominated map without railgun, very dynamic map that seems to be well balanced.

Be sure to check it out before voting in the poll on your right hand side!
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Krez rap sums up this season2006-06-27 13:54 | daelmun
Krez has made another rap where he sums up this season of NADML in a very objective and articulate way.

Keeping on pushing the boundaries as always, he now added a beat. What will come next? Stay around and we'll see.

To check out oldies goldies, just go through http://krez.getfukt.net/krezrap1.mp3 up to http://krez.getfukt.net/krezrap14.mp3. Enjoy.
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