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2009-03-14 NiDML Reloaded I is over!
2009-02-15 Playoffs round 2!
2009-02-05 Playoff!
2009-01-26 Round VII
2009-01-18 Christmas break is over!
2008-12-22 Christmas break!
2008-12-14 New admins and forced ...
2008-11-07 Instagib servers
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NiDML Reloaded I
IRC: #nidml
Sign ups: off
Transfers: no
Players limit: 20
User's clans: off

NiDML Reloaded I is over!2009-03-14 20:11 | wision
After quite long group stage, we finally managed to get to the playoffs and reach the grand final of NiDML Reloaded I! There were some setbacks which resulted in couple of walkovers, but we made it through and now we know who's entitled to be called railwhore! So here's the final standing:

1. img flag Mannen med kompisarna
2. img flag Team On-line Killers
3. img flag RiDe mY RaiL

I would like to thank to all the clans which participated in this season and which were able to finish the league, especially those who actively competed like flag tOk, flag GsG9, flag z. and flag thc (all from Poland o/). It's always a pleasure to make a league for active teams like that and some so called "big shots" should take an example from them.

When a league is in its end, admins usually ask themselves if it was successful season and if it's worth to make new one. In our case, we really like instagib and since there are almost no insta matches played on q2 servers anymore (even though that you can vote it on every OpenTDM server), we would like to continue with next season. But as we could see, the current layout is not really suitable anymore and it's really difficult to make 4v4 iTDM league working smoothly. So as for now, we don't abandon NiDML yet, we will see each other in the september/october most likely, but with different layout. Until then, enjoy the TDM which is almost as rail positive as iTDM these days :).
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Playoffs round 2!2009-02-15 18:13 | wision
Before round 2 playoffs, there's still unplayed match between BoD and CyC which is forced on Tuesday 17th of February @ 20:00 CET. The semi-final matches look as follows:

flag tok - BoD flag

flag MMK - RmR flag

Deadline for these matches is Sunday 22nd of February, so please try to schedule and play your match until then! gl&hf
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Playoff!2009-02-05 08:54 | wision
After little bit struggle in the group stage, we finally reached playoffs! Eight teams were divided into playoff's pairs which look like follows:

flag tok - GsG9 flag

flag BoD - [CyC] flag

flag MMK - sMr flag

flag folk - RmR flag

Deadline for these matches is Sunday 15th of February, so please try to schedule and play your match until then! gl&hf
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Round VII2009-01-26 05:06 | wision
Here we are with the very last round of NiDML! A lot of previous round's matches were turned into wo, but if the clans just didn't have enough time to play them, and send screenshots to the admins, the wo will be removed. Anyway, here are the last remaining matches.

Round VII matches:

Group A
flag CBR - z flag
flag tok - folk flag

Group B
flag [ecf] - [xeno] flag
flag MMK - <>< flag

Maps for this round are: dm3 dm7 (dm8), and the dealine is Sunday 1st of February 2009. gl&hf
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Christmas break is over!2009-01-18 17:21 | wision
After long christmas break, it's time to finish the group stage. There are only two round left, so try to schedule your matches as soon as possible. The round 6 matches have been forced on sunday 25th of January @ 20:00 CET. Matches from round 7 which won't be scheduled by the very same date, will be forced on next sunday 1st of February. Let's hope that there are still enough active people to finish the league! ;)
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