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NiDML Reloaded I
IRC: #nidml
Sign ups: off
Transfers: no
Players limit: 20
User's clans: off
N i D M L - R E L O A D E D I


1.1 Neverending insta DeathMatch League (NiDML) is an online Q2iTDM tournament for clans. It is opened to any clan which has a connection network decent enough to be able to play on European servers.

1.2 The league is supervised and managed by the admin crew. Abusive behaviours towards the members of the admin crew will be punished.

1.3 The following rules are subject to changes before or during the season. Any change will be notified on the main page.

1.4 The rules are supposed to be known and understood by everyone, ignoring them will never be an excuse.

1.5 The spirit of the rules always prevails on the letter. When there is nothing stated in the rules for a specific situation, the decision regarding it will be left to the appreciation of the admin crew.

1.6 Any behaviour taken by a player or a clan to intentionally harm the league or one of its matches will be punished.


General Layout

2.1 The league is divided into 2 different stages:
- The group stage: the clans are split into divisions and groups and play against each other inside their group.
- The playoffs: after the group stage, the best clans of each group receive a spot in the single-elimination playoff tree

Group stage

2.2 The clans are split into a pair number of groups.

2.3 The number of groups are based on the number of clans which signed up.

2.4 The admin crew chooses in which group a clan will compete based on different factors with the goal of making the league the most interesting possible.

2.5 Inside the groups, the clans play against each other once.

2.6 Group matches are played on two maps. The maps are picked randomly by admin crew and pre-set for every round.

2.8 The clans are ranked in their group with points awarded with the following scoring system:
* 2 - 0 : 2 points
* 1 - 1 : 1 point
* 0 - 2 : 0 point
* w/o : -1 point -400 frags

2.9 When several clans are tied in the ranking, the outcome of their matches against each other will determine which clan is ranked higher. If necessary, the total amount of frags scored will be used to break the tie.

2.10 When a clan has conceded at least 1 w/o, it automatically loses the tie in favour of the other clans.


2.11 The 4 best teams of a group are qualified for the playoffs.

2.12 The playoff pairs for the first round are determined as follows:
- group A 1st vs. group b 4th
- group A 2nd vs. group b 3rd
- group A 3rd vs. group b 2nd
- group A 4th vs. group b 1st

2.13 The PlayOff tree follows a single-elimination system. You are knocked out of the playoffs as soon as you lose your first match.

2.14 PlayOff matches are played as a best of 5 maps:
2.14a Each clan picks 2 different maps. The same map can be picked by both clans but each clan must pick 2 different ones.
2.14b In case of a tie (2-2 score), the 5th map is picked as follow:
- For games played on a neutral server(*): the clan which scored the most frags after the 4 first maps can choose who starts to eliminate the maps out of the remaining-maps list.
- For games played home/away(*): the clan which scored the most frags after the 4 first maps can choose EITHER the server OR the map (out of the remaining maps list). If this clan decides to pick the server, the other clan will choose the map and vice versa. The server picked will always be one of the two servers used for the previous maps.

2.15 The order of the maps played is always as follows: clan-A's 1st map - clan B's 1st map - clan A's 2nd map - clan B's 2nd map - 5th map

2.16 The first map played is always the one of the clan that was ranked the higher in its group during the group stage. If both clans were ranked at the same place, a coinflip (IRC script) will decide.



3.1 To be allowed to compete in NiDML, a clan must have a minimum of 4 players.

3.2 To sign up a clan to the league, the clanleader must have a registered account on the q2scene.net network.

3.3 By signing up to NiDML, a clan commits itself to play all of its matches in time and by the rules of the league. If a clan doesn’t respect the time limits to play its matches, it will be removed from the league.

3.4 After a clan has conceded its 3rd w/o, it is automatically removed from the league. All the matches involving this clan will be turned into w/o’s in a way that the ranking of its group will be changed as if the clan had never competed.


3.5 A player can only play in NiDML if he is on the squad list of a clan.

3.6 A player can be only in one squad list of a clan at the time.

3.7 The deadline to add new players to the squads is the first day of the 3rd round before the end of the group stage. Any new player added after this deadline will not be allowed.

3.8 If a player has already played in NiDML with a clan and wants to play with another one, he must skip 1 round of group matches before being allowed to play with his new clan. Such player is only allowed to join a clan placed in the same or a higher division.

3.9 The players must play all matches with the nickname they have on the Team Squad.

3.10 To add a new player, the permission of a member of the Admin Crew is always required. This permission can be asked via IRC, email or q2scene messenger.


4.1 For each round of the group stage and playoffs, a time period is defined and all the matches for the round must be played within this time period. All matches can be played BEFORE the given period but not PAST it unless they are postponed.

4.2 To schedule a match, the 2 clans involved must contact each other and find a date and time to play that match. When they have settled on a date, they must tell an admin (via IRC or q2scene.net messenger).

4.3 If they don't agree on a date by themselves, the admin will look which clan failed to communicate properly with the other and force the date in favour of the clan which took the most care of scheduling the match. This match cannot be forced within 24 hours from the deadline.

4.4 If no clan at all bothered scheduling the match, the crew will force the match to any date they find good.

4.5 If a clan does not show up on the date of the forced/scheduled match, it will result in a w/o in favour of the clan that showed up. If neither clans showed up during the group stage, both will receive the penalty points of a w/o (-1p/-200f). If neither clans showed up during the playoffs, the admin crew will make advance any clan they want to the next round.

4.6 A match is only considered officially scheduled when its date is set on the website.

4.7 When both clans agree, a match can always be postponed. The clans will have to find a new date to play their match but that new date can never be set later than 7 days after the former limit given to play the match (ex: 2 clans want to postpone a match of the 3rd round of the group stage, the time period for that round was from Monday 1 September to Sunday 7 September -> the match must be played before Sunday 14 September at midnight).

4.8 A match can be postponed by a single clan if its members decide to use the wildcard:
The wildcard allows the clan that uses it to postpone a match for whatever reason they want and without the need of the other clan’s approval. The wildcard can be used until the countdown of the first map of the match has started.

4.9 The wildcard can only be used in the group stage matches and it can never be used to postpone a forced match.

4.10 All clans are given ONE wildcard. When a clan used its wildcard, a star (*) will appear next to its tag on the table of the website.

4.11 A match can never be postponed twice.


Before the match

5.1 The members of the 2 clans involved meet on an IRC channel specifically created for the match to discuss the server on which the match will be played.

5.2 The match has to be played on a neutral server where the average ping difference between the 2 clans cannot be higher than 15 ms. Only visible and proved packetloss can be taken into account as a disadvantage.

5.3 If no neutral server could be found, the match will be played with the home/away procedure described as follows:
The match is played on 2 different servers, each clan will be attributed a “home” server where its players will have a ping advantage over the players of the other clan. This ping advantage must be the least possible and the most equivalent possible between the two clans.
The maps picked by the clans are always played on their “away” server.

5.4 If a clan was not able to field 4 players 20 minutes after the scheduled time of the match, it will lose by forfeit (w/o victory for the other clan) unless they decide to use their wildcard or unless the other team agrees to wait further.

During the match

5.5 Server settings:

- Maps: q2dm1, q2dm2, q2dm3, q2dm5, q2dm6, q2dm7, q2dm8, q2rdm2, q2next1.
- Timelimit = 15
- Skins: male/grunt & female/athena. In case of argumentation, the clan that appears first in the match title on the website will use female skin and the other clan will use male skin (ex: ABC vs. DEF on the website, ABC gets to use female skin).
- Overtime: if it’s possible to change the overtime (by vote or because the admin pass is available) it has to be set to 1 minute. Otherwise the overtime mode originally set on the server will be used.

5.6 Any match played with incorrect settings will not be considered as an official NiDML match.

5.7 If a clan uses a disallowed player (a player that isn’t on their squad list, or who has been disallowed to play after a sanction or who has been kicked from the league for any reason) in any match, they will lose the game by forfeit and a w/o victory will be awarded to its opponent.

5.8 During the countdown, the players may not touch buttons/lifts to change the state of the map at the start.

5.9 Each map of the match can only be played 4 versus 4. If a player of a clan has dropped during the last 5 minutes of the match, the match will still be considered as a 4 vs. 4.

5.10 Players are only allowed to spectate their clanmates. If it appears that the spectator helped his clan by giving informations about his opponents during the game, the clan will receive a forfeit loss.

After the match

5.11 If the match was played without an admin, the clans must send the screenshots of every map to a member of the admin crew.


6.1 All players of the NiDML must record a demo of every match they play and keep it until the end of the league.

6.2 The members of the admin crew may ask any player’s demos at any time during the league.

6.3 If a player fails to provide his demo for first time he was asked to, he will receive a warning. If he repeats this mistake he will be suspended for next upcoming match. If the mistake is repeated again, the number of matches where the player is not allowed to play, is increased by 1 (e.g. if the player doesn't provide his demo for 3rd time, he will not be allowed to play for 2 upcoming matches in row, for next time, he is not allowed to play for 3 upcoming matches in row, etc..).


7.1 Aimbots, wallhacks, speedhacks, modified models, auto-timers and any kind of cheats are prohibited.

7.2 Any player caught cheating will be kicked and banned from the league.

7.3 Any player using auto-taunting in game won't be allowed to play the match unless he disables it before its beginning. If a player has played a match using auto-taunting, he will be warned. If he keeps using it he will be kicked.

7.4 Any client side modification used to lower the quality of your connection during the server search will be considered as cheat and punished as such.

7.5 Valid Q2 clients: R1Q2, AprQ2, EGL and q2pro coupled with the anticheat.dll module (available on this website) and with valid renderer (like R1GL or default opengl or software renderer).

7.6 Valid Q2 servers: servers with enforced R1CH's anticheat. list of some servers: q2servers.com.

7.7 Any player caught cheating in a game out of the league (public game or match of another league) can be declared a cheater and punished as such by the admin crew after the evidences have been verified.

7.8 In case of cheat investigation, the inability of a player to provide his demo(s) to the admins will be interpreted against him.


8.1 Any violation of these rules by a player or a clan will be officially warned.

8.2 The possible sanctions for a violation by a player are:
- a warning
- temporary disallowed to play (1 match or more)
- kicked out of the league
- banned of the league

8.3 The possible sanctions for a violation by a clan are:
- a warning
- a w/o (forfeit loss)
- kicked out of the league
- banned of the league

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