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2009-01-26 Round VII
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NiDML Reloaded I
IRC: #nidml
Sign ups: off
Transfers: no
Players limit: 20
User's clans: off
Round VII2009-01-26 05:06 | wision
Here we are with the very last round of NiDML! A lot of previous round's matches were turned into wo, but if the clans just didn't have enough time to play them, and send screenshots to the admins, the wo will be removed. Anyway, here are the last remaining matches.

Round VII matches:

Group A
flag CBR - z flag
flag tok - folk flag

Group B
flag [ecf] - [xeno] flag
flag MMK - <>< flag

Maps for this round are: dm3 dm7 (dm8), and the dealine is Sunday 1st of February 2009. gl&hf

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