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2009-03-14 NiDML Reloaded I is over!
2009-02-15 Playoffs round 2!
2009-02-05 Playoff!
2009-01-26 Round VII
2009-01-18 Christmas break is over!
2008-12-22 Christmas break!
2008-12-14 New admins and forced ...
2008-11-07 Instagib servers
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NiDML Reloaded I
IRC: #nidml
Sign ups: off
Transfers: no
Players limit: 20
User's clans: off

Christmas break!2008-12-22 19:37 | Revo_
We're finally back on track with the schedule and can move on with the christmas break. I want to give some credits to the clans that managed to play all their matches during this week (even if they were too lazy to schedule it the round it should have been played ;)

The groupstage will continue 28/12-4/1 as mentioned in the last newspost. Until then...

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New admins and forced games2008-12-14 09:07 | Revo_
Since the league has been inactive for a while, me and Cheimera decided to take over as headadmins and finish it this time. First of all, we're gonna have a christmasbreak 22/12-1/1, so round VII will be played ONE WEEK LATER (28/12-4/1).

There are a lot of games that haven't been played yet that should have been played some rounds ago, and therefore we have to force them to proceed with the schedule. This means that if you haven't played your match before the forced date, or can't play at the chosed date, the game will be turned into w/o. If none of the clans has 4 players at the chosed date the game will be set to 0-0.

Tuesday (16dec) 21:00cet: dm2 rdm2 (dm3)
flag folk vs flag Cyclones
flag mi to rybka vs flag xeno
flag Brotherhood of Death vs flag colony.ee
flag Elders Clan Federation vs flag GsG9clan

Wednesday (17dec) 21:00cet: dm3 dm8 (dm5)
flag Suck My Rail vs flag Cyclones
flag Zomowcy vs flag bitches&hos
flag Brotherhood of Death vs flag xeno
flag GsG9clan vs flag mi to rybka
flag RiDe mY RaiL vs flag Elders Clan Federation

Thursday (18dec) 21:00cet: dm5 dm7 (dm6)
flag folk vs flag Zomowcy
flag Team On-line Killers vs flag Suck My Rail
flag Tetra Hydra Cannabinol vs flag Cyclones
flag mi to rybka vs flag RiDe mY RaiL
flag Elders Clan Federation vs flag colony.ee
flag Mannen med kompisarna vs flag Brotherhood of Death
flag GsG9clan vs flag xeno

Sunday (21dec) 21:00cet: dm6 dm1 (next1)
flag Suck My Rail vs flag bitches&hos
flag CyBeR vs flag folk
flag Zomowcy vs flag Tetra Hydra Cannabinol
flag Team On-line Killers vs flag Cyclones
flag Brotherhood of Death vs flag Elders Clan Federation
flag colony.ee vs flag mi to rybka
flag RiDe mY RaiL vs flag GsG9clan
flag Mannen med kompisarna vs flag xeno
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Instagib servers2008-11-07 11:41 | wision
Since it's probably not so easy to find an instagib server, we will try to make a list of all servers in Europe, where you can play your matches. Note that anticheat is not enabled on all servers (since it's not easy to test, because it can be off for a short period of time), so you should check the anticheat before you will play on the server you picked.

The list of European instagib servers:

OSP Tourney:
flag - R!P Tourney #2 (RAIL/FFA)

flag - TELBANK Insta-TDM (anticheat)
flag - TELBANK TDM (anticheat)
flag - eSports.pl iTDM #1 @ Shooters.pl
flag - eSports.pl iTDM #2 @ Shooters.pl
flag - COOLNET TDM 1 (anticheat)
flag - COOLNET TDM 2 (anticheat)
flag - COOLNET TDM 3 (anticheat)
flag - KUBUS: TDM (anticheat)
flag - Quake2 TDM neostrada tp/Strefa Gier
flag - | www.XyOn-Servers.com | QSP - Quake2 Spain

flag - quake2.rlogin.dk-OpenTDM-anticheat
flag - Fuster's OpenTDM
flag - Liwest Q2 OpenTDM
flag - iasi.no-ip.org Quake 2 Server
flag - Muffzors Battle
flag - colony.ee-OpenTDM
flag - mHs www.madHerosquad.de #1
flag - mHs www.madHerosquad.de #2
flag - Q2.GFort.ru:27911
flag - Q2.GFort.ru:27912
flag - <Cybergames.it> Opentdm #1 (anticheat)
flag - <Cybergames.it> Opentdm #2 (anticheat)
flag - SQ openTDM #1
flag - SQ openTDM #2
flag - cure's condiment
flag - Skoften Quake II server
flag - Parba.cz-Q2-OpenTDM
flag - IPGamez.com-Q2-OpenTDM-#1
flag - IPGamez.com-Q2-OpenTDM-#2
flag - eltel.net #1
flag - eltel.net #2
flag - eltel.net #3
flag - Dediz Quake2 OTDM-1 =GTV=
flag - Dediz Quake2 OTDM-2 =GTV=
flag - Dediz Quake2 OTDM-3
flag - Dediz Quake2 OTDM-4
flag - #play.q2 > Q2Pro OpenTDM Server #1
flag - #play.q2 > Q2Pro OpenTDM Server #2
flag - Berling's Q2PRO OPENTDM TEAM #1 - berling.servequake.com:27910
flag - Berling's Q2PRO OPENTDM TEAM #2 - berling.servequake.com:27920
flag - Berling's R1Q2 OPENTDM TEAM #3 - berling.servequake.com:27930

You can vote for iTDM on OpenTDM with command "vote mode itdm", or use NiDML webconfig "vote webconfig nidml".

gl&hf playing your games..
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NiDML Reloaded - Started!2008-11-05 16:37 | Gravgon
The groups are now online and so are the schedule. The first round starts next week so you should already begin arranging your matches now!

Just like in ClanBase, the maps are pre-decided for every round. Here is the list of maps for each round and in bracket the tie breaking map:

Round I: dm1 next1 (dm2)
Round II: dm2 rdm2 (dm3)
Round III: dm3 dm8 (dm5)
Round IV: dm5 dm7 (dm6)
Round V: dm6 dm1 (next1)
Round VI: dm2 dm3 (dm1)
Round VII: dm3 dm7 (dm8)

The first 4 teams of each group will qualify for the playoffs which will be single-elimination.

During the first stage of the playoffs (1/4 finals), the matches will be best of 3 with each team picking their own map.

During the last 2 rounds of the playoffs (1/2 finals and finals), the matches will be best of 5 !

Start scheduling NOW!

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NiDML Reloaded2008-10-22 16:50 | Gravgon
Welcome to NiDML Reloaded! Behind this cheesy name lies a league (or a cup if you prefer) which purpose is to kick life back into the insta scene.

This league will be exactly like the old ClanBase iTDM Cups:

- 4 vs 4
- Timelimit: 15 minutes
- 2 maps will be forced for each round
- Map list: dm1, dm2, dm3, dm5, dm6, dm7, dm8, rdm2, next1 (and maybe more... a possible return of the marics maps who knows!)
- group stage followed by single-elimination playoffs

If you're a TDM clan and you want to relax after all the tiring EQ2L games or if you just want to taste the insta fun. This league is for you!

If you're an old Insta clan which hasn't played for ages, you probably think you're too old for all the insta madness. You're not! Sign up and find out how quick your reflexes are coming back.


EDIT 26/10/2008:

To add a clan to q2scene.net you need to contact wision or me (IRC or q2scene.net messenger) and give us:
- Clan name
- Clan tag
- Country
- Clan leader (q2scene login)

We will create it on the network and after that you can sign it up to any league you want.
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