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NiDML Reloaded I
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Welcome to the NiDML2006-03-27 14:22 | Gravgon
Ladies and gentlemen, Noobs and Leets. Welcome to the very first Nations Insta DeathMatch League.

Instagib has always been the black sheep of the popular Q2 mods. Some called it lame, some called it a noob mod... But nobody can deny that this mod has an active and passionated scene... And this is what has motivated us to bring you this league which, I hope, will provide some more insta fun to you all.

I am now going to give you as much details as I can about how the league will be run.


Sunday 2nd April: Deadline to sign up
Sunday 9th April: First match week starts

Who can take part?

This league is for the countries national teams. A team is composed of maximum 10 players including a captain.

The captains should be picked by their respective national scene. In case of conflicts, the admin crew will decide.

To play for a country national team you must respect one of those 3 conditions:
- Be born in the country.
- Living in the country (not for a temporary period).
- Have the nationality of the country.

Instagib is a mod which relies a lot on the pings. To take part to this league, your team must have decent enough connexions to play games mainly against European teams.

What are the settings for this league?

- Timelimit: 15
- TP 2 (Teamhurt ON)
- Hook: OFF
- Maps: q2dm1, q2dm2, q2dm3, q2dm5, q2dm6, q2dm7, q2dm8, q2rdm2.

- In the group stage: Best of 3
- In the playoffs: Best of 5

- The groups layout will be determined depending on the numbers of teams signed up. Same goes for the playoff format.

How to sign up ?

The captains may sign up their team as soon as they are sure they will have enough players to take part (5 players on the roster minimum).

To sign up: You must contact me or Gerdt via IRC or the q2scene.net messenger.

I'm signed up, now what?

The captain must register a q2scene.net account in order to be able to enter all the infos for his team as well as the squad.

I want to become an admin

If you have experience as an admin, if you can write reports in a decent english, if you are familiar with the q2scene.net websites and admin menu... We want you!
Contact Gerdt or me on IRC or via the q2scene.net messenger.

Signed up so far:

- Belgium - #be.q2 - Gerdt and Gravgon
- Sweden - #q2itdm.se - Revo
- United Kingdom - #uk.itdm - West
- Poland - #q2insta.pl - CALIS
- The Netherlands - #q2itdm.nl - SanQuin
- Estonia - #q2itdm.ee - veriz
- Russia - #q2.ru - Al_Uz
- Slovenia - #quake.si - Putka
- Chile - #q2itdm.cl - ZeuZ
- Ukraine - #q2.kiev.ua - Zbone aka Muhaha
- North America - #quake2.na - Element^
- Lithuania - #q2.lt - nazz
- Finland - #q2nt.fi - karpo
- Portugal - #quake.pt - Zearth
- Czech Republic - #quake2.cz - M_9_RA
Query me if there are mistakes
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