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Analysis and Prediction (p2)2016-02-02 07:56 | claire
Analysis and Prediction - part 2 by Myrmidon


Group B, in my opinion, is the most interesting, because each of the players are incredibly close in terms of skill. Everyone in Group B has the ability to make it to the brackets, and that makes for fierce and exciting games. The only exception, who is considered among the strongest duellers in Quake 2, is Isbjorn, and that's the player I am going to start with.

Like C12, I've known Isbjorn for a very long time. In fact, the first time I ever met Isbjorn was over a few close and exhilarating games on DM1, and if I could sum him up in one word, it would be "elegant". He is an extremely smooth dueller. All aspects of his play are strong (strategy, aim, and movement), and he has an uncanny ability to dodge shots, especially rockets, which makes him difficult to kill a lot of the time.

Now, you might be asking yourself, how does one beat a player like that? Well the truth is, Isbjorn isn't unbeatable. There are people in this league that have better aim and movement than Isbjorn, and some (very few, but some) people can compete with him on a strategic level, so there are weaknesses in his armour. However, recently taking down PURRI on DM1 in the EDL is a huge boost to his confidence, and a confident player is less shaken by nerves, but more likely to take unnecessary risks.

Next on my list is a player that, with some hard work and a bit of luck, has the potential to take first place. Stigmata is a division one EDL player, and though he's considered one of the mid-range players in that division, he can still put up a fight and take maps off players. In this season of EDL, we saw Stigmata beat DM on DM1 in a very close match which ended with a score of 4-3, and he then went on to play Isbjorn losing with a score of 8-6. Still, the scores are close, and that tells us that Stigmata won't yield so easily.

As a player, Stigmata is very experience orientated, and he doesn't possess any kind of unique or special skill that many of the high-end division one heavyweights have. His aim, movement, and strategy are above average, though, and his sheer determination and commitment to practice make him refined and formidable.

Salad aka Kinex is a player that has been around for many years, and has the experience to show for it. Throughout numerous European Duel Leagues he's stood firmly in the higher echelons of division two, but he's always fighting wounded; his slow and unpredictable internet has been a hindrance for many years now, and it restrains his true potential. These problems can sometimes get the better of Salad, surpressing his competitive spirit, and making him feel like it's pointless to even try.

On the other hand, Salad is a very enthusiastic and energtic player, and his aim can be deadly if left unchecked. He's a player that I, personally, don't underestimate. I know that if someone places a railgun in Salad's hands, and he finds some room to breath, then he can hit anything and everything. Many times I was left baffled after being on the receiving end of that aim. Salad isn't the strongest of strategists but he knows how to control a map, and if given the chance, he will dominate the megahealth room and pressure his opponent into submission. Salad's biggest weakness, though, is his impatient attitude with himself and his internet; but if he can learn to accept his situation and deal with it more calmly, he has a good shot at the bracket stage.

If there is one player in Group B that is a mystery, it's Detina. Judging from his match history throughout the EDL, he has done quite well in division three. But one match in particular sticks out: the recent game he played against Quad, who just happens to be another participant in this group. During his series, he lost on DM1 against Quad by a score of 10-8. Now this doesn't mean that Quad, or the other player for that matter, will beat Detina. The score was close, and this leaves it open to interpretation and speculation. If Detina can finish top of division three in EDL then that means he's a fighter, and shouldn't be underestimated.

Quad on the other hand is someone I've had the pleasure of playing with from time to time, and though I feel he is less experienced than the majority of the group, his aim -- his railgun in particular -- has quite a bite. Even some division one EDL players such as Numavezi have commented on Quad's surprising aim. It's like a hidden fist that spontaneously lunges at his unsuspecting opponent.

As I have already mentioned, Quad is not the most experienced of players, and this is clearly evident when he plays, but he's very open minded, and likes to practice and learn whenever he has the time. He's still trying to grasp the concept of duel, and how it differs from team death match. But once Quad is able to shake off the simplicities of Quake 2, and understand the deeper aspects such as pace, control, and strategy, he will be able to combine them with his aim, and have reasonable chance of making it to the bracket stage. The question is: will he put in the time and effort?

Last on the list, but certainly not least, is Kondrat -- a player which some may consider controversial. I've encountered Kondrat myself on a number of occassions, and walked away from the games feeling somewhat skeptical. Something didn't feel right. I had a hunch that Kondrat wasn't all that he was made out to be. His whole playstyle seemed unorthodox, and the fact that he refuses to upload demos doesn't support his claim as a legitimate player.

However, if Kondrat is clean then he's a player with a lot of potential. His aim is very focused and steady, and he seems to have an uncanny gift of knowing exactly where his opponent is at all times. He's an aggressive player that tries to kill as swiftly as possible, or surpress his opponent at every possible opportunity; but he isn't scared to change the pace of his game at a moments notice, either, or turn defensive when necessary. On the flip side, Kondrats aggression can be his undoing, and he can unwittingly fall for even the most basic of tactics, which suggests he lacks experience.


Though I feel there are some playes in Group B that could give Isbjorn a good run for his money, I can't see them overcoming his majestic skills. Isbjorn might lose a map or two over the course of the group stage, but I predict that he will take first place.

As for the rest of the group -- and this is where it gets interesting -- it's a toss-up between the rest of the players. If I had to pick anyone for second place, I would pick Stigmata; but at the same time, I also feel that Stigmata isn't as strong on DM1 as he is on other maps. If Salad has good conditions, he has the potential to cause some upsets, but, again, it depends on the circumstances.

Overall, I feel that second place will be a fierce battle between Stigmata and Kondrat, which will be played on a Russian server where they both have an ideal playing environment. One thing's for sure, it's going to be a very scrappy and competitive group.

2016-02-03 04:22 
gj Myrmidon

keep them coming emo

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