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Analysis and Prediction (p3)2016-02-04 19:57 | claire
Analysis and Prediction - part 3 by Myrmidon


I would be lying if I said that Group C was unpredictable. The predictions for this group are a no brainer, but there are some interesting match-ups nevertheless. I might as well start with the elephant in the room, Damiah, because he's a potential finalist.

Damiah has won the Edge league twice before (seasons one and three), taking down top EDL dueller, Numavezi, and last seasons Edge champion, PURRI, both of which are no easy feat. This automatically makes him a front-runner for the title, but that all depends on whether Damiah can keep it together. In recent years, he's been very hit-and-miss in terms of performance; some games he will crush his opponent with no difficulty, and other games he will continuously miss crucial shots. I feel this comes down to a lack of practice, or maybe age getting the better of him, as it does the most of us. But there is no room for mistakes in the Edge league, and Damiah is someone who can easily get frustrated with his performance if things don't go his way. This can make his patience deteriorate leaving him susceptible to mistakes.

All that aside, Damiah is one of the strongest and most seasoned duellers in Quake 2 history, and it shows throughout his EDL games. He thrives on control and is able to lock down a map better than most others, making it extremely difficult for his opponent to accomplish even the simplest of tasks, such as collecting weapons or armour. He doesn't possess the best aim in Quake 2, but it's still a very accurate and vicious aim, especially with the chaingun and rocket launcher. Due to his masterful control of the spawn locations, he demoralizes his enemy to such an extent that their aim rarely becomes a threat anyway.

Troop is the most inexperienced player in Group C, but what he lacks in experience he makes up with a desire to learn and improve, making the Edge league more of a educational process rather than a quest for victory. But Troop shouldn't be doubted; he has an above average aim considering his level of understanding for the game, and if he gets you in his crosshair then the chances are he'll kill you. His aim is like a continuous barrage of rockets and rails that are surprisingly accurate and stressful to avoid.

I feel that Sol is the dark horse of the group. He's always a quiet, behind the scenes kind of player who practices only with those he trusts. Sol, in terms of playstyle, is very similar to Stigmata, but slightly less refined. He's a very practice orientated player, and though he has reasonably good aim and movement, there is nothing particularly spectacular about his performance. However, he is quite an oldschool player with a lot of experience, and he's no fool when it comes to competitive games. He'll do what it takes to win his matches, and if I remember correctly, Sol is a fighter.

Faint is the one player in this group that could potentially give Damiah a run for his money. Like Xawik, Faint is a product of the Polish servers, and it's prominent in his play style. He's a reasonably aggressive player, but his zeal tends to be more controlled than that of Xawik and others. This makes his play style very bold and dominant, and his emphasis on the rocket launcher and chaingun compliments this approach, making his engagements in the megahealth room particularly deadly. But like all aggressive players, Faint lacks coherent control and original strategy. Many of the players in the Edge league will be able to dance around Faint like a bee poking at an angry bear's head. This isn't because Faint is slow and unrefined, it's because he uses very common and standard strategy that any cunning dueller will use against him.

And last but not least, we have Gusius. As a player, Gusius is very hit-and-miss. Some games he can seem particularly good, challenging even the most experienced of duellers, and other games he will struggle to produce any worthwhile results. He's not a player to be underestimated, though, and if given the chance, he can make life difficult for his opponent. He aim and strategy are reasonably average. But his lack of understanding for strategy and control makes Gusius a very random and unpredictable opponent, and this incoherence can vex even the most intelligent and experienced duellers, catching them off guard.


As I mentioned at the start of this article, the predictions for this group are straight forward. One would have to be foolish to suggest that Damiah might not make it to the bracket stage, but there is one player that could potentially hinder his progress, and that is Faint. There is little doubt in my mind that Damiah will take first place in this group, but Faint is destined for second place. And who knows, he may even cause the first place upset.

As for third place, I feel it is a toss up between Toop, Sol, and Gusius. But if I had to pick one of them, I would go with Sol, because I feel his years of duelling experience will carry him through. Gusius and Troop shouldn't be counted out, either. For some players, some days are better than others, and if Troop and Gusius bring their A-game then who knows who will come third.

2016-04-26 05:11 
Ok, Gusius! I am available to play on 1st of May 2016 - 21:00 CET
I'll be on IRC emo))
2016-04-26 02:37 
Now i can play emo
2016-03-27 08:44 
2016-03-14 07:00 
i have no time play q2... w/o.... emo:
2016-03-13 08:24 
So many w/o' already. Lazy players.
2016-03-10 09:02 
W.T.F is going on here?!?!?! This league won't finish by it self! Cmooon clair..., just make the playoff tree and lets the playoffs start! emo
2016-02-06 07:44 
Aren't all Q2 players old these days? emo

Nice review Myr, looking forward to the next one.
2016-02-05 02:57 
yep claire emo

same was in edge season 1 when 'old retired' Damiah won Purri in final game 3:0

bets before game was Purri 9:1 Damiah

2016-02-04 20:05 
Poor Damiah, getting old... emo

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