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Edge #5 signups are open!2014-01-16 12:45 | claire
Back by popular demand!

So the consensus is:
- yes, there is interest
- stock q2dm1 only
- get this going and done as fast as we can

I think we're going to try to do a smaller number of larger groups resulting in an 8 player playoffs. Maybe even two different divisions of playoffs at the same time. That should make this go faster. But obviously it all depends on how many people sign up.

So you only have until January 26, 2014 to sign up. If you decide to sign up, PLEASE send us an email at quake2edge@gmail.com so we have your current address. Or you can message me on IRC in #edge.q2. If we don't have a valid email address for you at the time groups are created, you will be left out.

I suggest you read the rules so you know what is expected of you.
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Edge #5 Interest?2014-01-07 11:50 | claire
So, is there any interest in doing another season of Edge League? Sometimes it's nice to take a break and come back later when you're refreshed and inspired, but then again what would January be without DM1?

So leave a comment with your views. I personally wouldn't mind doing it again.

I had a crazy idea that might make this season better or more interesting, but maybe not: How about instead of just playing q2dm1, we make up a pool of dm1 remakes. There are probably enough of them to make it interesting. Between the stock map, the pro version, the backwards one, the sideways one and some others it might make for an interesting twist. Maybe not though.

What do you think?
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Playoffs and some Incentive2013-03-11 21:45 | claire
Playoffs have started! We lost a little steam toward the end of group stage, but I’m sure all the players who move ahead will keep it going. The top two players from each group advanced to playoffs with the exception of group E. Spirit flag was in second place in that group and he didn’t actually play a single game. The rest of that group wasn’t much better. For that playoff spot I took every third place player who didn’t have any warnings and picked a random one. Xaw flag was the lucky winner, he moves up to the playoffs too.

Be sure to read and follow the rules! Use the comments section of your machines to schedule them. Remember playoff games are best of 5 and grand finals are best of 7.

As an incentive to get you people to play your matches and upload your demos, I’m going to give $20 (USD) to a random playoff player who stays warning-free from now on. You don’t need to win any matches, you just need to play your matches and upload your demos. Very simple. Just follow the rules and you’ll have a good chance of some extra cash.

Let’s plan on a week for each round (ending on Sunday nights), keep it moving!

Get playing and pray for chaingun spawns. GL!
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Damiah replaces NumaveZi2013-02-03 09:23 | Welkin
Since NumaveZi's computer broke down just before his latest playoff game, he's decided to resign from the Edge League. This is very unfortunate and his participation will be missed. However, we were able to talk Damiah into taking his place, so things turned out okay anyway.
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Contact information2013-01-11 13:34 | Welkin
If you have not already; do provide us with an active email address. If we don't have one we can not guarantee that you will be entered as a participant, or receive important information from us. Email us at quake2edge at gmail dot com.

Also start hanging out on IRC, in #edge.q2 on Quakenet (WebIRC: webchat.quakenet.org). It's important for us to actually see that you take an interest in this, and at least seem to plan to follow through with your commitment.
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