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Group and Schedule are up.2012-02-27 19:10 | ceba
Like you can understand from title, finally we have groups filled up and schedule is up so you can start playing.
Top 3 players from 2nd Chance went to Group Stage: Dragunov, Apkis, Zyga.
Once again we want to remind that games should be arranged in comments section of every game.
Screens should be sent to quake2edge@gmail.com and demos uploaded to demosquad.
Now I would like to thank people that played in 2nd chance. In short time, less than a week, they played all games (well most) and had fun doing that (I hope they did). Thank you for giving your time to do that, for participating. :)

And now everyone - Have fun in Group Stage.

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2nd chance ends Sunday2012-02-24 16:40 | ceba
Just a short reminder to those who are playing for a 2nd chance to get to Groups.
I am sure you know, but... Would be perfect if you would play your games till Sunday 26th 24:00. I know it might be a lot to ask, but we want complete groups and start Group Stage on Sunday/Monday.
I am sorry to say this, but this is one of the reason why we wont add more players, it is too late and it would possibly postpone groups even more. Hope you can agree with this :)
Also it is nice to see that people in groups are playing already (Damiah, Pr0to, UMUSTDIE). Everyone should follow their example :))
Have fun playing
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Group stage begins.2012-02-20 17:09 | ceba
As you all noticed Elimination phase is finished and Groups Stage begins.
Groups are online and you can start playing. And I encourage everyone to do so.
But still there is this "but", as you can see there is no schedule up yet, you can see why by looking at groups. :)
We have 3 groups with 5 players and one with 6 (Group B). That's not good :) To fix this "problem" I will arrange a small few days or a week long "tournament" where top 3 places will go to groups. This tournament is mostly for those players that took 2nd place in their elimination groups and didn't have negative amount of points. But if you want to try and get a place in groups I will add you to that tournament too, hopefully there will be enough players willing to play some more q2.
I will contact players from elimination via e-mail, also you can email: quake2edge@gmail.com if you want participate or find me on IRC.
And because of above reasons Groups Stage officially will start Feb. 27.

Also I would like to remind everyone (especially those in group stage) - Please, write dates and times when you can play, in comments section of your match. If you fail to do that and your opponent wont. You will get a w/o.
Also if you manage to schedule a time, it would be nice if you would let us know about it so that we could add it to a website.
And for the end some numbers.
During the eliminations there were:
10 double w/o's
9 single w/o's
87 warnings (51 for w/o's the rest are missing demos)
3 people decide to leave this tournament earlier.
12 people got negative amount of points meaning - they didn't find time to play their games.
Best elimination group - Group F (if we wont count Delita) all games are played, screens sent, demos uploaded. Nice work.

I hope group stage will be totally different and we will be able to enjoy lots of nail biters.

[2012-02-22 Edit] I think here was enough time for all who wants to play for 2nd chance to get in touch. So from now I will not add more players, meaning sign ups are closed :)
Have fun. ;)
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Damiah joins Edge #32012-02-12 14:17 | ceba
In my last post (and first ;) ) I told that my next post will be bad news :) But I was wrong.
I am happy to announce that Damiah is joining Edge. Same as with Purri he is added to Groups stage, not Eliminations.
I think this is right decision. And I hope most of you will support it.
Also please note that today is the end of Round II, so would be nice if you would play your games :)
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Purri joins Edge #32012-02-10 16:40 | ceba
Good news!!!
For those who wanted to see flagPurri sign up for Edge and were disappointed not to - Rejoice flagPurri is joining Edge#3!!! :)
It gave me a small headache to decide what group he should join, but eventually I decided on Group C (good news for DM ;) )
I hope all of you wont judge me for bending rules in this case and not replacing player(s), that dropped from Edge, with flagPurri in elimination.
flagPurri played in Play-off's last Edge season, so if he would have signed on time he would have been added to Groups right away. Also I don't think that would be fair in regards of players in Elimination.
Well thats all good news for today ;) Next time it might not be so good (demos, unplayed games, warnings )
Please comment, discuss. All opinions and criticism is welcome.
Good luck and Have fun everyone.
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