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Round 1 finished2012-02-06 03:28 | Welkin
The first round of the elimination stage is now finished. Well played, those who played. :)

However, it seems like several players are still not aware of how the scheduling and forcing system works.

Once again, I urge you to read the first part of this EDL news post (explaining the system in easy terms), as well as the Edge #3 rule sheet (especially section 3.2, explaining it in detail).

For those games resulting in a forfeit of any kind, remember that you are more than welcome to replay them, after which the punishment may be down-sized.
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Delita bb, striker wb2012-02-04 06:02 | Welkin
Delita pulled a Delita, and will not be finishing the league. Vicious Turk str1ker takes his place. Great stuff!

#edge.q2, Jan 30:
[15:14:02] <myrmitr0n> <@Welkin_> i think you should consider yourself lucky you're even accepted in the competition
[15:14:04] <myrmitr0n> oh really
[15:14:11] <myrmitr0n> well consider yourself unlucky that i've just left
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Edge #3 Launched2012-01-30 12:45 | Welkin
The elimination groups are now announced, and you're free to start playing your games!

Also, the rule sheet has been updated. It's basically a copy of the EDL rule sheet, with some very minor changes. However, since the EDL rules were updated today, all participants should read them through!

Especially important parts:
- scheduling system (section 3.2 in the rules)
- allowed servers list
- mandatory demos upload (rules 3.4.1-3.4.2)

I would also like to ask all players to send their email address to an admin, or by email to quake2edge at gmail dot com. If not provided, you may miss out on important information.

flagCeba and flagclaire will be active admins during this season, which I'm very happy to announce. I myself will be out traveling, but available by email.
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The Edge Duel League #32012-01-08 13:57 | Welkin
I'm happy and proud to announce another season of The Edge Duel League!

It will follow the time schedule mentioned in the previous news post, and since Gerdt wasn't able to run this edition of the league, I've been given the job.

The tournament layout will not be changed. There will be elimination rounds followed by a group stage, and then double-elimination playoffs.

Sign ups deadline: January 29, 24.00 CET.

The rule sheet will be altered, in the direction of the current EDL rules. I will try and publish the changes as soon as possible. One thing that all participants need to realize and be ready for, is that uploading all demos is a must. However, the map pool will stay the same. :)

That's about it for now! I love this tournament (as an observer rather than a player) and I'm very enthusiastic about seeing its progress. Hope to see you all signed up!
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2011 Regeneration Manifesto2011-09-16 08:12 | Gerdt
Important news regarding Edge#3!

flag Welkin has written out a manifesto in order to bring some change to the deteriorating state of the scene.

You can read it in three parts on q2scene.net:

Part 1: Introduction

Part 2: The Situation

Part 3: Structure the Season

Especially the third part mentions his thoughts about The Edge League. I quote flag Welkin:

• The Edge League:
One edition of Edge per season, and having it held during spring only. Being a one-map competition, it is the sort of thing that should rather be a momentarily event, than a parallel entity to EDL. This way it will also leave room for other tournaments during fall, such as the regional ones (as will be mentioned further down). Naturally it does not mean that it should be of any smaller size or matter.

Another perk to pushing the Edge tournament to the spring, is that people who are just getting into the game during fall/winter, or returning veterans for that matter, don’t have to spend a vast amount of time and energy to start learning and/or practising all the additional maps, in order to take part in an upscale duel competition. Also, those who simply missed the sign ups phase for EDL, or didn’t want to commit to a full seasonal term, they get a shot at something prestigious as well.

65-80 players are expected to sign up. The traditional elimination rounds will drop 30-45 players within a few weeks, leaving about 35 players for the group stage. In round numbers, 6-8 groups make 4-6 players per group. 3-5 games per player during group stage, and one round per week.

Playoffs follow the double-elimination system, starting with 1/8 finals. 5-8 matches per player.

Schedule, Edge #3:

Sign ups deadline, Jan 29th (sign ups open for 3-4 weeks)
Elimination rounds, Jan 30th – Feb 19th (3 weeks)
Group stage, Feb 20th – Mar 25th (5 weeks)
Playoffs, Mar 26th – Apr 29th (5 weeks) [URL][/URL]

The Edge crew fully supports these changes in the scene and will thus follow the proposed schedule.

Signups will open in the first week of 2012!
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